Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming Back!!

Hey gang, normally, and for the past few months, I have been updating this lil website with Posts and links to the DCUO Podcast I help run. But I'm needing to get back to priority and bring my website to the standard I am bring to myself and to the business I am beginning to start. I have added a few new pages that will be updated through the week and updated even further as time goes on.

I have been talking about a few projects that have been on my list and sadly because I have a full time job that supports myself and my family, these projects will "slowly" come to light. Even my gameplay time is getting majorly cut and a new schedule I have now is trying to help me. I will still be doing my Youtube videos and I now have a Facebook Page at I will be posting my Videos here in the Media Section along with new Podcast Series I begin later down the road.

I'll be updating new information later this week so everyone have fun out there and be safe.

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