Q: What is your Gamertag info?

A: Steam: Trexlight
     Xbox Gamertag: Coming Soon

Q: What are the specs of your PC for your recording?

A: Coming Soon!

Q: What games do you play?

A: I play a lot of games when I have the time to do so. I started as a console player but now have evolved into a PC player. I stick with MMORPGs and wrestling games. I also dabble in Rock Band from time to time. If you ask me about FPS games, I will roll my eyes and push you down stairs so you learn, to never ask me about things like this.

Q: What is your schedule for posting videos?

A: Movie Patrol: Mon, Wed, Fri; DCUO: Wed, SWTOR: Fri. This schedule is flexible when I have content ready to be uploaded and when time allows.

Q: Do you accept group invites while in game?

A: I do not accept random invites. I will decline invites without speaking to me first. If I do decline your invites, then its because I am recording and cannot be bothered at that time. I thank everyone who whispers abotu the work I do, but I can't answer all of them so don't take it offensely.

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