Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I haven't been sleeping...much (Update on Videos)

It's been awhile since my last post, I hope you all found the Update 3 and webcast stuff useful. Now let me update you all on what's been going on on my side of the screen.

Podcast - Been working on the format and "script" for the DCUO Source Podcast. We are looking at doing this sucker this weekend and I'm quite excited to say the least. I have some more testing to do but I'm hoping episode 1 goes off with no real issues.

New Series - As I previously said, I have started working on a Feat Hunter series and so far I have found out a couple of things. One, I like doing this and its taking longer than I thought and a lot of pre-planning before going, well anywhere. Two, I have a lot of footage and I haven't even started looking through them yet so I'm quite scared of the workload ahead of me.Three, I like playing Mental, really really fun to say the least. I'm going to take a break from recording for this series soon to get back to other things and focus on some real-life stuff I let slip away.

WoW Video - And you though I forgot about it. These videos that I'm doing for the Boomkin are very long and take a lot of research before I go in and start talking about it. I've already did "The Spec" video and I'm still editing it as well. The next video will be talking about "The Stats and Gear" and then "The Rotation". It's going to be about 3 or 4 20 minute videos so I keep them nice, short and to the point.

EGADS - I haven't touched him in months and I keep looking at my character list and feel he has been neglected...well he has in a way. My videos staring him haven't been well received and they were suppose to be "tutorials" in a way on how to do the Secret Bases and how to do the quests while leveling. I haven't deleted him but until I think of a new direction for him, he is benched for the time being.

Black Ember's How To Videos - Since beginning this new structure, these videos have become well received. I haven't decided yet whether or not to record the actual duos and alerts and discuss the trash pulls and link the boos fights to those videos yet. I'm leaning towards doing that, but I'll have to find the time. The Duos are all done and I'm now waiting for the new Two-Face duo, I am missing a lot of Alerts and some Hard Alerts. I am trying to work out a schedule to get these done but after the Sony Outage, the population has gotten very dire and kinda hard to find a PUG and with my new work schedule, my League sometimes isn't available hence also why I haven't brought any new Raid videos (time to get myself a new job).

Well let me get back to work and start on these videos. The one thing that hinders me on doing these videos is the fact that this game is fun and I want to play it, is it so wrong???

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My thoughts on the SOE Live Webcast 5/26/11


The Link above is to soevideos youtube channel that has the entire webcast for those that missed it this past Thursday. So let's jump in. Some of this might have already been covered but hopefully they will go into more detail, let's hope.

Update 3
Two-Face Duo - Clayface seems to be a sub-boss similar to how Penguin Maximus was in the sub-boss in the Two-Face challenge mode.

Ra's Al Ghul - (4 Man Alert) He is coming to cleanse the world of it's corruption and he is bringing ninja's and the Lazarus Pits will be in game as well. the Ninja's are called the Claws of the Demon (neat) . With the ninja's you defeat, you are making a choice on which path to go down during the gameplay. Think of it like a mini game of Mass Effect, every choice has a different outcome so to speak.

Poison Ivy VS Swamp Thing - Spring Seasonal Event, Poison Ivy wants to be the "icon" of green and wants to take Swamp Thing's place as that icon, lame but whatever.

UI Improvement - Might not be in Update 3, they didn't say,they were just talking about in the Q and A so i put it into its own little thing. Resizable Text and Chat window,

Q & A Time - I will be posting the question that was asked and then typing their response in short form cause they talk too much lol.

Q: Will we have the ability to purchase other Mentor Gear?
A: Yes, they will be working on removing that restriction later on.

Q: What about a clock function on the minimap?
A: Sure, their bad for not having it there. They might add a "how long you have been playing" feature to it as well.

Q: Is Stephanie Brown going to be in game.
A: No plans yet.

Q: ETA on Update 3 and Megaserver?
A: Soon as they can on Update 3. Megaserver in a couple of weeks but don't hold your breathe, they have to get approval and such so give them time and we just have to be patient.

Q: New Tier gear?
A: No new teir gear yet, but they will be new GEAR but the teir gear will be explained later in the summer once we see the new raid content.

Q: Will players be able to get iconic symbols and emblems?
A: You already can in game, some of it is sadly licensing and they won't be able to get it unless the higher ups will say so but for now, the answer to get other emblems and such is no.

Not  question but those of you that go to Fan Faire in Vegas will get a nice in-game item, the Sequent Vest...show it off folks, show it off.

Q: Are they going to fix existing content?
A: Absolutely Yes.

Q: Add leaderbaords. (Not a question but ok)
A: Its a good idea, when will we actually see it is anthor thing, some things come first but its a good idea.

Q: Platform Specific DLCs?
A: No, nice idea though.

Q: Loadouts on gear/style
A: Its something we will definitely like to do.

Q: PVP plans and New Legends Characters?
A: They haven't forgotten about it and they are in the works (...actually, they were really vague about it but hopefully we will see something in the future)

Beta emblem is on the way...just no timeframe. Those that were in the beta will get this emblem.

Q: Arkham Joker
A They say play hard and beat people up even though Jens doesn't know how to unlock which is sad?

Q: New powersets?
A: They are in the works, no timeframe but they are in the works. Electricity, Earth and of course Hard Light (Ring power baby)

Q: Might and Mastery
A: There is still some work needed in order for it to actually come to light.

Q: Why so secretive about release dates.
A: They have a lot of partners they need to be respectful for that own the characters and such. Its a lot of stuff in the background of development so some of it is out of their hands.

Q: Duel?
A: They will look into a Dueling system (yay)

Q: marketplace? Bank and Storage? Deletable items?
A: Things to look into and how to approach it.

Q: Buying tickets for the Vault?
A: They've talked about it and still looking into it.

Q: Secret Identities?
A: It's on the shelf for right now and its a cool idea but other development stuff has to come first.

At the end of the broadcast, they showed a picture of the Fortress of Solitude. Yeah, we all kinda expected it as the next raid content. Well overall it wasn't a bad webcast, they still had some vagueness to a couple of questions but that's because they had their marketing rep there and they are always on top of making sure only CERTAIN things are said.

I hope you all enjoyed this little transcript in short form and I'll see you guys next time

Friday, May 27, 2011

SOE Live Webcast!!!

Hello all, something that I missed today due to me being at work (poo on work), was SOE's Live Webcast talking about Update 3 and other little stuff. I'm waiting for the audio playback so I can listen to it and give my opinion on everything (cause i know you all care so much). You can also head over to this link here. The guys at Comicbookresources.com somewhat transcribed what they were talking about a bit.

Now to slumber and once I get the link to the playback, I'll give you all my sense of it all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feat Hunter - New Series

So I've done it, something else to keep me occupied. a New Series I'm developing now called Feat Hunter. I've created a new character apply named "Feat Hunter" on the Zero Hour PC-Server. My duty (HA..duty) is too record Feats and how to get them. The difficult ones I feel will in fact be Style Feats. I will try and explain where to get them so people may commence the farming.

As I said, it's still in development and I will start posting some videos once I'm ready. Stay tune on my youtube channel for them. Also, if anyone is wanting to know exactly how to do a Feat, then please email me at trexlight@live.com. Let me get back to work and I'll keep ya posted, and don't worry, I haven't forgotten my WoW video, its still a work in progress.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What to expect tomorrow!!!!

When you all wake up in the morning, you will have Gotham University Duo and Gorilla Grodd's Lab Duo How To Boss guides to watch on my youtube channel, youtube.com/trexlight . This will complete all the Duos that are in the game so far and I am working on recording the Normal Alerts and the rest of the Hard Alerts. Something that also came to mind is doing a Feat Hunter series. I know there are probably bunches of other people who are doing it, but there is only one Trex and that's me. The Feat Hunter is in the planning stages and so I won't say anymore on that.

My World of Warcraft video will not be up for tomorrow due to me wanting to edit it a bit more. It's 18 minutes of me talking about the Boomkin spec so I want to make sure I edit it so that people aren't bored through it, I'll probably add a kitty or something, people like kitties right? The rest of the WoW video for the Boomkin will be done throughout the week and will have my number 1 priority when it comes to recording, DCUO is taking the back burner a little bit but you have these 2 new Duos to watch.

I hope you all enjoy it!!!

WoW Video: Introduction to Boomkin Update

I have decided to do these videos in 20 minute sections so people aren't overwhelmed with the length of this stuff. I was able to get the first video done, The Spec. I'm rewatching it over and over again adding in little titles so everyone can read some information that might be important. Now when I was recording the video for this, I recorded in the wrong format so the edges are cut but I realized this so the next video will have the full window but for this video, I don't think the edges being cut will hurt anything.

I don't know yet if I'm going to upload this video yet or wait until I have the rest of them done but ya never know. I'll keep ya posted.

Gorilla Grodd's Lab Duo Update

I told you I would keep you in the loop with all my videos today. I am now encoding the Gorilla Grodd Lab Duo videos. I spent about 20 minutes on the game trying to queue up for Smallville, I'm still missing the Dr. Richards fight video and it seems I can't win for losing getting into the place but never mind that. Finalizing stuff so i can begin recording the WoW video.

All youtube videos will be uploaded through the night when my PC is not being used, just helps out with the uploading.

Gotham University Update

This website of mine is a blog, so I will use it as a blog. Today I will be posting non stop on my production of videos. First up is the How To videos of Gotham University Duo. I am encoding them right now and then I will begin making the videos for Gorilla Grodd's Lab Duo. I still have my World of Warcraft video to record as well which will be titled "Introduction to Boomkin". I'll post more information about it when I get done recording it. Stay Tune!!!!

Black Ember's Build

A lot of people have asked for my spec for my star character Black Ember, who I use on all my Guide videos. I just recently updated my Firefox to their Firefox 4.0...which I'm not really amused by honestly but maybe it will grow. The one thing I like about it that caught my eye is that I can use FRAPs to record the entire window. I was suspecting I would have to do screenshots as i describe my build but now that I can record, oh yes, this will be fun. A downside I found is that the mouse moves quite choppy but really, I don't care. I just finished recording the last 2 Duos that I was missing so finally I can get those done following the new structure. Monday is my day off and I'm hoping for a productive day of WoW recording and recording this build then getting all of it uploaded. Let's pray I don't get lazy or find something shiny on the ground.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 Subscribers!!!!

Just as the title suggests, I have just hit 30 subscribers which to some, might be small but to me, its great! I thank each and every one of you for subscribing and showing your support to my channel and the work I do. I am still new but my knowledge in making this videos and finding a structure that fits me is continuing to grow and thanks for sticking by me after all this time. Spread the word, continue watching and as always my friends, enjoy.

Now I must go to sleep and then get back to video stuff Sunday night. Recording has been a bit slow due to the queue times from hell. Now everyone in my league has come back but this was expected because of the Sony Outage. I'm working on some World of Warcraft stuff which will begin soon and then of course the DCUO Source Podcast. Plate is indeed full but I'll make it work. Expect a lot because I'm keeping the pace up..or at least try to.

Night Folks

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Podcast Update

Just posted the format for the DCUO Source Podcast, hopefully the other guys like it and we can begin working on it soon. Just giving an update. I'll be posting more information on the Podcast when more comes my way. Excited to get it off the ground. Stay Tune!!

Update 3 Info

Well late night trolling around on the web found me to the DC Universe Online Welcome Back letter from the Producer. In this letter he gives us some high points for what we can expect in Update 3 and with his high points, come my point of view on what we can expect. Let's begin (really, this should be done in a podcast....oh wells, another time)

A New Oolong Island Hard Alert. Many people have been asking for a new HA and I'm one of them too. I think I would have liked a new Hard Alert introduced to the game but instead we get a revamped of a Normal Alert. never ran Oolong Island much, hell I ran it one time, hit 30 and I was gone, never to see it run again. Seems I'm going back into it. Yes I know, I haven't done a video for it, trust me, its on my list. We shall see if this Hard Alert gives us a challenge, so far the hardest Hard Alert is Arkham Asylum, still can't finish it. Just Wow, but enough of my failures, let's continue.

Featured Character: Ra's al Ghul. It seems we are not leaving Gotham City anytime soon, yet another Challenge Mode mission with another Batman villain. We want to leave Gotham now, can we share the love and give Metropolis some of it? Now I don't know if it's a Challenge Mission, I can only guess since it has "rooms that the Devs are having a tough time with". Can I mention having a PTR server right now? No? Ok, maybe later then.

Two-Face Duo. Continuing from the Challenge Mode mission with Two-Face going after the Penguin, we now get another new Duo. It was said that Clayface even shows up in the place which seems villain story heavy, but hey, they need it in my opinion. I would think the villains would be helping the Penguin or something doing, you know...evil things. This story continues and I like it and just becasue apparently love them, there are more robot penguins..so much joy comes over me that i want to put a shotgun to my big toe and say goodbye.

Poison Ivy VS Swamp Thing. A Gotham City Special Event, ok I'm down. This seems to be the Spring Event so get your lucky charms over to our DC Comics leprechaun and finish up. The last events have been in Metropolis....ok let me rephrase, ALL the events have been in Metropolis so seeing this change of pace is very nice and welcomed, but don't screw it up. Also, people are very excited with seeing Vertigo Comics' Swamp Thing in DC Universe Online, it gives the people a sense that Sony doesn't just have to stay in the realm of DC Comics. Again, I'm not a DC Comics fan, I know the characters, I know some arcs but I only know enough to barely make it.

He makes a notion to the Megaservers again and tells us to pay attention to the forums and join the discussions. Yeah, no thanks, I read a few pages and had to stop sense no one was speaking anything worth repeating and the trolling has been hitting it very hard. They are doing the normal fixes here and there for the update and we will see it all in the Patch Notes so patience is key, don't go flipping out because its not here today or it's not releasing tomorrow, it takes time.

Oh look, they are beginning work on Update 4, nice to keep the pace. Oh, new Hard Alerts you say, well with Oolong Island having a Hard Alert, what the hell is you definition of new??? Oh and one of these Hard Alerts takes place in the Batcave...CAN WE NOT ESCAPE THIS PLACE!?!?!?! Enough with Batman, I'm done, I am, everyone is. I'm almost ready to call it quits seeing information about Dark Knight Rises because i want to be done with Batman and everything Batman. The Bat has been beaten and ran through the mud, his name is no longer good and we need some Metropolis content. Now, his little quirk about the new raid, the Fotress of Solitude, there's some change of pace, there's some new content. Developers, I understand your work is tough, I've done programming, it's long and hard and can get stressful. Take your time but i will give this warning...these players will start to go for blood if they dont get this new raid content, seriously. They smell fear.

The last bit of news I will touch on is we have a new Game Director, Mark Anderson, Art Director for DCUO since launch and has worked on the God of War games. I don't know what happened to Chris Cao, but I hope him the best in whatever he is doing.

Thank you all for reading this, I know it was lengthy and should have been in a podcast type thing but haven't gotten there yet. Oh and before I forget, let me mention this. the Devs playing the game are one thing, they know what they put in it and what to possibly expect since the worked on it. We, the players, need a PTR realm/server. You want true testing of the fights you worked hard on, then give it to us, hear what we say to fix or keep and adjust.We are your players, let us work for you, to give a better experience and fun to a game, we play and love. Thats me guys, have a nice night/day/morning/evening/brunch.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Metropolis City Hall Duo Boss Guides

Are now uploaded on the youtube channel with their annotations. This is still a new format for me since I normally do the entire thing in one video instead of individual ones. I'll probably grab the rest of the duo footage and make a trash video, sounds like the best option to do. But, go watch and enjoy, the Duos are quite easy and don't need the How To's but its there in case anyone needs it. Now breakfast time since I just woke up and than back to some videos.

New Video Format

Hey everyone, like I posted some time ago, I am restructuring my Alert/Hard Alert/Raid Guide Videos to specifically walk you through each boss in their individual videos, they are like 3-4 minute videos. First one I'm working on is Smallville. The original video was about 35 minutes and I think it included a wipe. I had the chance to re-record the alert now that the servers are back on and I got the footage for each Boss. I'm still keeping the original video but now there will be links on the side of the video to go to the specific boss video in case you don't want to watch the entire thing, trust me, I understand.

I'm hoping this new structure will help everyone a bit more though I feel it will put some extra time on me going through footage but hey, I always find the time. Well let me get back to work so I can get the Smallville Boss Guides done with before the night is over. Stay Tune here and on the youtube page, youtube.com/trexlight


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Megaservers are coming?!?!?!


The link above is to DC Universe Online's Facebook. It's a letter from one of the Producers detailing and answering questions that no one important asked.

The idea of Megaservers to fix the population problem across the servers is Sony's solution but will it work? It would be a nice thought. Combining all of the servers into one server is gonna take some time. I think they should have done this during the whole network outing. As the letter states, PVP players and PVE players will be on the same server but those that chose PVP servers and PVE servers will be in different "phases" in Metropolis and Gotham. What does that mean? I'll explain. For those of you that live in your PVP servers, you will be phased into the PVP of Metropolis and Gotham meaning open world PVP in both cities like you are used to and the same goes for PVE, in which we don't have that open PVP unless we flag it ourselves. Together, PVP and PVE players will coexist in one big world. Queuing up for alerts, duos and PVP stuff will be faster so yay. But what about the bad?

There's not much I can say about the bad. I play on Zero Hour PC server and collection farming isn't so bad (damn you respawn timers) but think about if everyone who plays the game on one big server doing farming, thats gonna hurt. I mean I play World of Warcraft and flying around farming herbs is a pain when everyone else is doing it. And I take my collection farming seriously...not seriously. Also getting the Feats to see the Villains and Heroes around the cities might be harder with everyone flying/running/jumping around after them.

Lucky for me, I think on the bright side so the queues being faster, more ppl to play with, an ACTUAL race for server firsts in the raids (even though they don't really exist). It's all good. The people demanded a fix to the population problem and Sony has found and are implemented the fix. Be happy people, they heard you, so quit bitching that the devs don't listen and aren't fixing anything. I don't care for trolling. Enjoy the news friends and get back to the game while I get back to making those videos.

Video Update!!!

Ok gang, the servers came back online while I was at work today and i am jumping for joy in my PC chair but now I must crash. A lot of my footage got deleted when my original hard drive crashed so I am needing to re-record everything. Doing so will give me a chance to re-do some videos of Duos and Alerts with "How To" videos. I think these will be more beneficial than watching a whole instance run clearing trash.

Expect these in the coming days. Stay Tune!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

And there was REJOICING!

DC Universe Online is back online so stop playing Rift, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Farmville and get your superhero on. Now as I say that, I have a Heroic to go run.

Enjoy your game friends.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Time Escapes

Hey gang, I've read up on the new notice from Sony about their "Make Good" Plan and I wanted to try and get that posted but lost track of time and now I have to head into the real world of work. Late tonight I'll try and get something together to talk about it.

Peace guys.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Design for Video Producing

After watching some Boss videos for some random heroics to get my education on, I found a way to do my guides very differently. I've been watching these videos from the guys at the Yogscast and hopefully they dont have this structure copyrighted lol. But doing a "trash" video detailing some of the trash that need strategy and then making the Boss fights Individual and letting them have their own video.

I think this will help greatly and also cut the run time of my videos down quite a bit. Now I have to learn how to use youtube's annotations lol. I think I'll be doing some serious editing to try this out. Hopefully using this structure will get my channel some more views and subscribers.

I am forever and always changing, that is what it means to survive. Stay tune folks, yeah

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Return to Azeroth

Well yes folks, I have come back to World of Warcraft after being away for I think about 4 months...yeah that sounds right. Ran a couple of Heroics that at launch I had fear of entering just due to the challenges they possess. yes, I'm one of those guys that say its too hard and at launch, I decided not to really give it much of a try.  learned the fights, I researched and then i realized they aren't that challenging if you understand and be patient. I was in the Closed and Open Beta for Cata, I knew these dungeons were going to be tough but I was still not ready lol. Through my time away from WoW, I kept up on current events, people whining about the difficulty and let's note, I never whined, at least publicly. If I faced a problem, my friends and guildies would give my the feedback needed to overcome the bosses, yay team. Now I did Shadowfang Keep heroic, one of which I realllly never wanted to do but I had a great tank (my friend and guildy). We went in and only had one wipe on like the fourth boss and that was just due to lag or something, nothing too troublesome. We cleared it without CC, without any troubles....ok this I have to say no to. Running the place made me feel like I stepped back into WotLK where groups can just roll over a Heroic and move on to the next. We did Lost City Heroic after that and yeah, no CC again. Before I left the game, I was running normals on my Druid and my DK and BOTH times, I always made sure to mark and CC.

I like some challenges, I have my fears "will I do well in here? Am I going to screw up a strat or something?" and those fears sometimes stops me from doing heroics until I decide to bite the bullet and go for it. I expected these Heroics to be tough and challenging. My friend told me the strats but after that he would sum it up to me saying "just blow him up, I'll handle the rest" and I really dont know what the boss does. My logic being a raider of course is to STAND OUT OF THE CRAP ON THE GROUND so I was covered there. I see why some people are mad, the heroics have gotten too easy and Blizzard seems to be rolling over and "catering" to these demands when someone says the dungeons are too hard. I'm waiting to see some posts on ZA and ZG being too hard, hell I'm not even geared for it yet but of course, I'm patient and will get in there eventually and see the challenges it brings.

All in all, heroics are too easy. I already read the Blue Posts about the change to Crowd Control abilities. I hate it and its taking away the strategy the groups need in order to take down trash. If I can use Root on a mob and it can just stand there without aggroing the group is making killing trash idiot proof. People need to learn the fights. Thankfully, we have numerous people on youtube that come up with strategies and show us and detail it for us. Watch, learn, then execute.

Thats it of my ranting. Being back in Azeroth is going to be tough, I miss my Xbox controller right now and I'm pondering what kind of videos I should do. I play a Balance Druid, should I make videos on how to play a balance druid? Give me the feedback.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kahndaq Video is UP!!!!

I hate the video player size lol The link below go directly to the Youtube video.


Kahndaq is done and uploaded and I hope you all enjoy. Next videos wil be my return to the world of Azeroth....oh here comes the joy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kahndaq Raid Video

Hello all, just got an email saying I now have 27 subscribers to the channel which is awesome, thanks for the support. The Kahndaq Raid video is being encoded now and I will be uploading it to youtube over night so be prepared for that late tonight, early morning, I guess depending on where you live.

I think a buddy of mine might actually win his battle with getting me back onto World of Warcraft. I have the need for gaming and my Xbox can only do so much. So prepare to possibly see some World of Warcraft videos detailing the craft of being a Boom-chicken and a Resto Druid. I need to be productive.

Stay Tuned and keep watching.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Weekend Adventures

So with DCUO offline during the weekend, no money to re-subscribe to WoW, what was I able to do this weekend? Friday worked pretty much all day, Saturday had a beautiful wedding to go to and then got to see Thor in 3D. Just completely badass and worth the wait. I recommend everyone to see it. Sunday, worked all day and now relaxing. Weekend gets a A-, I blame working too much for the low grade. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the outside since the game is down. There is no time frame again on when the services are back up.

Now I want to mention that Sony has been talking about the PSN being down and the "Welcome back" program but the SOE customers better be getting something fancy too. I we get the 30 days sub credit and the batman mask but I'm wanting maybe a little bit more, like a kitten. A kitten would work. I'll be gettign back to work on videos tomorrow, I promise the Kahndaq video will be done tomorrow and uploaded that night.

have fun friends!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video Update and New Idea

Done with editing the Kahndaq video, just haven't had the time to put my voice to it but I'm sure I can get to it late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Still no word on when the servers will be up. Thankfully they are at least giving a somewhat nice notification on their Facebook page so I recommend keeping an eye on it so everyone knows when or if the servers are going to be up.

On to something else, I am working with some guys at DCUOSource.com on coming up with a Podcast for DC Universe Online. It's still in development and we don't have an actual date on when the first episode will be out but I'll keep everyone posted of course. An idea I had since the launch of the game is to have a daily show similar to TotalBiscuit's Azeroth Daily (its a great show) giving updates from some forum topics and such. Sadly, we don't get that kind of response from Devs so I was considering doing a Weekly show. This too is still in the planning stages and since I am a one-man workforce doing these videos and stuff, I am trying to find the time in order to do something like it. For those that actually come to read this stuff, would this be something you, the fans, would like to watch? Just wanting some feedback from the community.

Stay tune for more information. Enjoy your day. Go outside!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sony Update and the US Congress

First, let's bring up the new Sony Update which you can find here.

Sony answers 4 questions that seem to be the topic everyone keeps asking them. As of right now, they do not have a time frame on when they get the network back up. They will only bring it up when they feel the network is secure again. Apparently, they explain that the PSN/Qriocity hack AND the SOE hack might have happened at the same time but only the PSN/Qriocity shown an infiltration at first, going into their investigation further showed them that the SOE service was compromised as well. If this was the case, then the SOE was compromised for about 2 weeks with information possibly getting leaked before Sony finally stepped in and shut down the servers and began investigating it.

Now lets talk about some news that IGN.com brought us, link can be found here.

Title of the article, "Sony responds to the US Congress". I like the description IGN used for it when I saw it on their Facebook page, "It took Sony 6 days to respond to its customers, for Congress, it took 4". The House of Representatives (if you are outside of the US and dont know who or what this is, don't worry, I live here and even I don't know) asked Sony questions on what caused this and how they are fixing this. Well Sony gives them an answer...in the form of an 8 page explanation. Thankfully The Playstation Blog posted a nice summary of the report pointing 4 key principles that Sony are going to do about the attack and the recovery process. They explain that this was a carefully planned, highly sophisticated attack. They also found a file named Anonymous with the words "We are Legion". So it seems this or these hackers are fans of Ghost Rider or possibly Nicholas Cage, so we know that the hackers are comic book nerds.

Either way you look at this, its a crime, possibly the first cyber-crime in this magnitude. I mean keyloggers are one thing, but this, is a company. This has affected millions of customers and employees and I'm sure Homeland security and law enforcement are asking themselves, "Why did this happen? What was the purpose of this attack? Did Bin Laden plan this before the NAVY Seals went in and killed him?" No one knows except the ones who did this and they may celebrate over this, but as I've learned, there is no such thing as the perfect crime and the ones who have done this will face justice and them doing this wasn't a joke, there are always consequences.

Now, let me get out of this serious mood and get back to the funny. Time to get back to work on the videos and I'll update when I find more information to share. Stay Tuned...

World of Warcraft Blue Post...it gets ugly

Some may not know but I use to play World of Warcraft, I quit it to play DC Universe Online full time and I miss WoW on occasion. I still read up on the news, the patches and especially the Cynical Brit TotalBiscuit. On his Facebook page he posted a little link to a Blue Post talking about a possible change to Crowd Control abilities in patch 4.2. I recommend everyone taking a peek at this post and understand, this is not the way this should have been handled.

The Blues should always be professional and sometimes they go into their trolling ways, but wow, he really went out there. Follow the link here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


DC Universe Online is still down with no ETA, kinda hard to make videos with nothing to record. Luckily I do have footage from Kahndaq and Sub Construct that I can work on until they get the servers back up. I'll be working on the Kahndaq stuff in the morning and getting the voice work done for it if time permits before I head into work. The Sub Construct footage I collected is complete except we didn't kill the Armor Tech thingy but I'm sure I can squeeze out a wipeathon for him. I feel like I shouldn't do a full for SC since we didn't kill the last boss so the wipeathon seems like a good choice.

Til Tomorrow folks. Good Night

DCUO and the Make Good Plan

Read it over at their Facebook page which can be viewed here.

So because of them not protecting their servers properly, we get a Batman-Inspired Mask in-game content and 30 days subscription credit added to our accounts. The in-game item is pretty cool, stats will probably suck like the Catwoman trinket some people received but I think the Style is pretty nice. the 30 days subscription credit is what the people demanded and they got it.

Good show to Sony for delivering this to its customers and hey, by the time the servers come back on, Update 3 might be ready for launch too. I can dream can't I???

Public Enemy #1: The Sony Hacker

So first this entity known now as "The Sony Hacker" infiltrated the PSN servers and comprised Sony's Playstation 3 network bringing it down for almost 2 weeks. Accounts and credit card numbers may have been stolen and it seems the Homeland Security are now looking into this matter. This downtime for the PSN hits more to the MMO community that play DC Universe Online.

But now, as of Monday May 2, the PC users who play DC Universe Online through Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) are now suffering through the downtime. SOE has now been hacked and services went down and investigations have begun to find out what happened. Apparently 24.6 million SOE accounts may have been stolen (didn't know that had that many) as well as information from a database from 2007.

Well, I'm pissed just like much of you are as well. But this is something we cannot fix and we have to wait for Sony to work on and fix themselves. The PSN users are getting some "free stuff" for what happened to them so I can only imagine what is going to come around for us PC users. You can follow the link below to find out more about this situation and what to do if your account is one that has been compromised, which I hope is none of us and no information was stolen at all.


I'll keep everyone up to date with information that I find.

DC Universe Online Raids: Outer Caverns - Boss Guide and Commentary

Welcome to my Blog!!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. This will be my website for now until i come around to making an actual formal website. I think this will work just fine though and will keep you more up to date on what I'm doing in DC Universe Online and videos I'm making.

I'm working on getting this place organized to my liking and posting my youtube videos here as well so be patient and again, thank you for visiting and I hope you come back.