Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marketplace is Live!!

Today the servers went down to place in a hotfix, but more importantly, they brought online the in-game Marketplace. You know, the Grocery Cart icon we all hit by mistake and it NEVER GETS USED!!!!! Sorry, frustration kicks in sometimes. These items are bought with the Station Cash that everyone should have thanks to the rewards from the Sony Outage. To add more Station Cash, you need to use your credit card and do the old Micro-Transaction to get more Station Cash to buy things. I have my opinion on the micro-transactions and you'll hear that on the Podcast on Friday. But below are the items on sale right now:

Featured Item:
  • 5 Proto Repair Bots - 400 SC
  • None
  • Proto Repair Bot - 100 SC
  • Vault Ticket - 100 SC
  • 5 Vault Tickets - 400 SC

I have 500 SC on Black Ember, I'll check everyone else later but wow, in increments of 100. Sony really doesn't wan us to stay on their money do they? I'm anxious to see what Styles they put on the Marketplace but everyone has been wanting a Repair Bot and well, we got it, but I can buy the Featured special for 400 SC and get 5 Bots but then I can only use them 5 times. Of course they will used in raids, especially in the next Raid coming up. So this deal is the best bang for your buck. Buy it, save them. But are you going to go back and use your real money just to buy SC and then come back to buy the Bots? The turn around is going to be dismal, some people can chunk out the money and for those, good to ya. Me personally, I'm buying them, then I'm done. I can't afford to spend my money on stuff like this.

The Marketplace is Live with what we wanted sine launch really. We can only wait and see if SOE brings us items and styles that are worth the money.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is a Test

Well my friends, just some amazing news coming from RadarX himself which you can find the link here.

Public Test Centers (Test servers) should be coming next week and how do we sign up? By downloading their patcher and you must have an active subscription. They copied all LIVE characters to the servers from last week, so if you got your Tier 2 gloves or something yesterday, do not expect to see it on the Test Servers.

Now he also stated that the only content on the test servers right now are Update 3 and the Megaserver Technology. Now how does this affect yours truly? We already know the content, the Megaserver technology... that's what I'm interested in, I wanna see the difference it brings to the gameplay, I wanna see how its going to hurt when I lose out on getting a collection cause 5 other people are after the same thing, I also want to see how this is going to affect our Auction Houses. Inflation, will not be our friend. Expect some talk about this on our next podcast show.

Friday, June 24, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 2: Is Fire hot?

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 2: Is Fire hot?

In this episode we go search for more information about Update 4 and anything new on the Megaservers. Our Role Focus (thanks to Richielo for the title) today will be the Power Set: FIRE. We also give our amazing review on the Green Lantern movie.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Update 4 announcements
- Dueling, our thoughts

Daily Planet News
-Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3

Role Focus
- Power Set: FIRE

Comic News and Information
- Green Lantern movie review
- Comic Books - Superman peeing on the Earth, funny

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ye Be Not Forgotten..and neither am I

Oh its been what, almost a week since my last post? Well my friends, I do apologize, completely my fault and I'll blame tc89 as well because I can. What have I been doing while not posting stuff? Well, I work a full time job and a full time girlfriend, I've tried to change my availability with the girlfriend to part time but sadly that just got all sorts of stuff thrown at my head, so morale of the story? There isn't one, I've been told to commit and I won't.

But moving on, I've had some fun times helping out another youtube channel called The channel admin has asked me to play some betas and do some commentary on them. So I get to record, talk about and play betas for free (yay) and I don't even have to do the hard part of putting them together, just endure to long upload times and die in the process. I'm happy to help him or her out, its fun to do things like this so stay tuned to that channel for some very cool and fun betas such as Dragon's Nest. The first video I did which I hope people like.

I keep mentioning it and you all don't see the outcome of it, Feat Hunter. Because the videos are going to be sooo freaking short, I had to go back through and record some extra footage just to make sure I had time to discuss the strategy of doing a quest. These videos seem not to be longer than 5 minutes so thats good. Again, it's in post-production and I'm trying to get a handful done so there's enough videos to last me a while while I work on more.

New duos, new alerts, no videos? Yeah, I know, its killing me too. I'm just not having luck much with running these suckers. When the Megaservers finally hit, I'll pray it fixes everything and I can run these things anytime. I'm also learning the best strats just to make sure I'm explaining it correctly. Now I'll also mention the Springtime walkthrough here, Feat Hunter will be doing it and you'll see it there, theres some math to doing this freaking thing so once I complete them, I'll share like I always do. This event doesn't have a race which I'm sad about, thanks SOE.

Ok so that should cover everything I believe. Oh yeah, I also have the Podcast to operate as well. Thankfully my awesome co-host came up with a great format for this week's episode which gave me more time to get my stuff ready to talk about the Power Set FIRE.

I thank all the visitors, subscribers, listeners, readers, heroes, villains, humans, Romulans, everyone. You guys keep coming here means a lot. Until next time folks.

More Downtime!!!!

I haven't died nor disappeared, those rumors I started are false. Now today on 6/23/11 or 23/6/11 for my fans across the pond, Servers are going down at 7am PST (Look at your own clocks friends, I can't tell time) to put in place a hotfix for the following:

  • Players should no longer become stuck in combat when no enemies are present.
  • Inverted cameras will no longer reset when moving to different areas.
  • The number of Marks of Triumph awarded by the Catwoman and Two Face Challenge modes have been adjusted to fit the original feature announcement in Game Update 3.
  • The Psycho Set item Deranger's Grips can now be found on Poison Ivy in the Arkham Asylum Alert.

Pretty neat and stuff I haven't realized nor would care about in some since.  For those that have mentioned these and got the Bug Devs to fix these, then kudos goes out to you all. i haven't found a big bug that caused me to inflame the forums yet (besides no healing barrels or anything in the Aquaman secret base, but I'm not going there). Downtime seems to be about 90 minutes long, so for that hour and a half, I recommend listening to your favorite podcast, the DCUO Source Podcast. Its free and on iTunes...go on, you know you wanna listen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Time to DUEL!

Sorry, been watching Yugioh Abridged for the last hour because I needed a nice laugh. Anyways, yes indeed, its time to duel...well not yet but according to DC Universe Official Game Facebook Page, Dueling is coming soon. Now we all hate the word "soon" after the their webcast some weeks back back hey, we asked for it, they are bringing it to us.

Also did everyone get their Shock to the System rewards? I hope so. back on June 18, DCUO brought us this little gem in our Journal for 7 free Marks of Distinction for all the downtime and problems that have been plaguing us for some time now. I know our PS3 brothers know what I'm talking about. So yeah, free marks and I have to ask, isn't 7 of them kinda a weird number? oh who cares, free stuff!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 1: Feel the Chill

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 1: Feel the Chill

In this episode we go through our thoughts of Update 3 and the upcoming Update 4. Our good friend Tc89 also brings us an in depth look at the Power Set: ICE and the titles for the new 52 DC Comics coming in September.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Update 3 reaction and the bugs they bring
- Update 4, what can we expect? Well how about the Fortress of Solitude, click here for the trailer.

Daily Planet News
- What was shown off at E3? Footage from the Fortress of Solitude, not much though
- PC/PS3 Forum posts that caught our eyes.

- Power Set: ICE

Comic News and Information
- The new 52 titles of the DC Comics Reboots and pictures on their Facebook page in the September Art Album

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DCUO Source Site is Offline

Last post for the night before I head to bed and I wish it was good news. I have just posted on the Official DC Universe Online Forums that the DCUO Source website has been shut down. The owner Methos had to change jobs suddenly and could not afford to keep the site up and running. Life happens and though this is a sad event that has occurred, we have to keep on going forward to the future. Though the site is gone, like I have said before, myself and Tc89 are going to continue with the Podcast so at least something enjoyable is still around for everyone.

We will be touching on this matter on our next show. Everyone have a safe night and have fun in your raids.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Series - Feat Hunter (In Post-Production)

Hello all, I am beginning production on my new video series entitled "Feat Hunter". I've been busy recording practically everything as I leveled this character to lvl 30 (what a long road it has been). I have tons of video footage of me getting Feats and how to get them. Some are easy, some were kinda tough, and some I had to learn and work with what I got. These videos are going to be short and to the point on how to get these feats. Some of the highlights that will be featured in this series are as followed:

  • Location of side missions for Story Arc Feats
  • Walkthroughs for extra Feats such as destroying "x" amount of stuff
  • And more...
It's in Post Production now which means I'm now going through all the videos, labeling them and putting the videos together and getting the voice work done. It's going to take some time but I'll try and get the first episode out by Friday if time allows, but no promises. Be sure to check here and the youtube channel for the first episode.

Next Podcast Show!

This Friday June 17, 2011 at 10am we will be online doing our next podcast show. We are not able to do a live show just yet but we will as soon as we are able to, it's on our to do list at the top. We are still looking for any questions or comments you guys have that we can answer on the show. Just email us at Our topic of discussion on Friday's show will be the Power Set: ICE. Tc89 will be going into a nice discussion on why Ice isn't OP, but just wants attention like everyone else. I for one can't wait to hear his argument. After we record the show, I spend a grueling all day task of editing it and will have it ready that same night. If I am unable to do so, then I will post when it will be up.

Stay tune for more information and as always enjoy.

DC Universe Online Maintenance

It seems DCUO is going down for maintenance on Tuesday June 14, 2011 at 7:00 am PDT. The link below is to the actual post made by RadarX.

Only 2 hours of down time, either way, I'll be asleep through most of the downtime. What will you all be doing? Watching my youtube channel? Ahh, you guys are sweet.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ra's Al Ghul Hard Alert First Impression

Hello friends,

I come to at least give you a somewhat first impression about the new Hard Alert, League of Assassin's Stronghold. Now no, I did not defeat Ra's at the end of the place, healer had to leave and then the group kinda broke up, oh wells, I'll get him next time. Now what I want to note is when queuing for this place, there are now 2 Hard Alert menus, Hard Alert T1 and T2. Oolong Island and LoA Stronghold are part of the T2. Their difficulty is Hard (der) and suggested Dominance is 500. Wow. But let me get into it really fast, this isn't a review, just my view when i first stepped into it to Tank on Black Ember.

You walk in and you have the 4 heads of the place, can't really remember their names but they were badass and tough. We decided to take out Serpent and Bolt. One they went down Ra's comes out and does a speech. Next thing you know, it's a TRAP! Spinning blades on both sides of the room come closing in, each member needs to get a switch and touch it when the icon pops up and you'll be saved (yes, we did wipe the first time on the trap cause well we didn't know). Now let me mention these 4 bosses you fight at first detail who you fight at the end. We left Burning and Lion Claw alone and we went through and we saw them as bosses by themselves. At the end, we had to fight a resurrected Serpent and Bolt AND Ra's joined the fight too, now that was challenging BUT hella fun. Now through out this whole place is of course ninjas. I suggest let you Tank go through everything first and walk slowly cause they will jump out of nowhere and start wailing on everyone. They can of course be AOEd down but then there's one you'll have to use single target attacks on.

Now I will be getting a video of this place this weekend but its going to take some time. I plan on getting each of the bosses as a single boss and then different combinations at the end with Ra's. A lot of work, yes but it's what I do and what I want to give you all. I'll try and at least get each boss fight done and uploaded and then combine everything at the end just so you all have something to watch in the mean time. Enjoy the new content folks, its pretty good so far.

Update 3 Released

Update 3 has been released, Patch Notes are in the link below:

This update so far seems to be the bees knees...sorry, watched to much Brady Bunch this morning. One thing I think everyone will like is the Revive Timer will stop once we actually interact with that dying player.

I'm now going to continue my read and then begin my playing around of the new content and get to some heavy recording. Watch for some new videos on my Youtube Channel coming this weekend hopefully.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DC Universe Online How To: Gotham University

The videos below are the 3 boss fights inside the Gotham University Duo. I hope it helps everyone.

DC Universe Online How To: Gorilla Grodd's lab

Something I should have done when I uploaded them was my new How To Videos for Duos, Alerts, and Hard Alerts. First one I want to share from my youtube channel is the Gorilla Grodd's Lab Duo. Now I know they were simple, they are truly easy but I want to help those who still want to know the strats to these fights. I hope these help everyone.

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 0

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you DCUO Source Podcast Episode 0. I would like to personally thank Hraesvelg or H as he is called in vent for allowing me access to upload the podcasts to his site. Without him, you guys wouldn't be able to hear myself and TC89's majestic voices talking about the game. This was recorded on Friday June 3rd. Expect the next podcast June 17th. We are looking at doing them bi-weekly (every 2 weeks people) due to the lack of constant updates about the game. With DCUO Source down, the people were made the great Guides on the site, please email us at so we can get in contact about possibly being on the show. Also if you have any questions that you would like to ask myself or TC89 about the game, life, horoscope whatever, just email us at that address and we will get them answered on the show. If we find we get a lot of emails, then we might do a special show that week to get them answered.

I thank everyone for being patient and another BIG thank you to Hraesvelg. I hope you guys enjoy and expect more to come. Just press the play button.

The MP3 File (right click link. Firefox users: "Save Link As...", IE Users: "Save Target As...")

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fortress of Solitude, Update 4 news

I really didn't want that to be the title but hey, it's all I got. I read this yesterday and finally had time today to bring it more light. sat down with our new Game Director Mark Anderson about Update 3 and can you believe it, Update 4. The link is below to read the full article yourself:

I'll be happy to share some neat highlights but I really recommend on reading the full article since it was really nice. Update 3 we already know and its still slated to come out "soon", so I won't really go into much about it but what I will go into is Update 4. Here are the highlights to expect (note that some information may be part of other updates not necessarily in Update 4):


- New Raid Content: "The Fortress of Solitude" starring Superman and Lex Luthor. yes my friends, they team up. IGN asks about possible Villian/Hero team ups for this raid but of course, Mark doesn't give a direct answer.

- New Hard Alerts: HIVE Moon Base. They say fan-favorite but then why are the queues still just as long?? A new four-person version of the first Batcave Raid. This is done so players who haven't seen the 8 player version can still experience the story. He didn't say whether or not it's going to be a Hard Alert.

- New Tier Gear: Each role will have gear based on a unique aspect Kryptonian Sunstone technology

- Update 4 is looking good for a mid-summer release. Now friends, don't start yelling when it comes, you never know what happens when it comes to developing.

Now some other highlights from this news article are below:

- They discussed the think they gave a date? Of course not.
- Starting with Update 3, the new Alerts Ra's Al Ghul and Oolong Island hard Alert will be giving Marks of Distinction and it continues going into Update 4. Triumph gear will start to go drop in restrictions going into Update 4 so others can collect the iconic gear and such.
- They are working on tying the accomplishments PS3 players get in game with Playstation Network Trophies.
- Now suits to collect especially in Oolong island
- New PVP sets based on the look of Brainiac

As I said, the article was pretty nice and I look forward to playing Update 3 whenever they can launch it. I'm a patient man, besides, this gives me more time to record and make videos before I go head into Update 3 enjoying the game before going back to work on making videos. Gotta fill in that void in between updates. Until next time guys.

DCUO Source Update and Podcast news too

I wish I had any good news for everyone but sadly I do not. Myself and my Podcast partner TC89 have been trying to contact the Admins to see about an update on whats going on. We have not heard back yet but we are staying positive. If we find any new information you can rest assured i will be post it and I will also make a post on the dcuo official Sony forums in the PC Forums (I'll try and get to the PS3 forums too because I'm nice).

Now on to Podcast News. Episode 0 (yes, thats what we are calling it cause we like it) is done editing. I'm still looking for a storage site and luckily a nice person offered to lend us some of his available space but I'm discussing and hopefully we can come up to an agreement but nothing is set in stone yet. With DCUO Source being down, I've worked a little too hard on the podcast and I am going to make sure it stays going with our without the website. I'm not mad or anything I'm just wanting to continue to bring a solid DCUO Podcast to the table. I'll be talking with TC89 and seeing what we should do but I'll have the first episode up as soon as I can.

Now let me troll some sites and see what new information has come our way about DC Universe Online.

Friday, June 3, 2011

DCUO Source site and Podcast

Hello all, in case you don't know (or possibly never cared, whichever comes first) is down for the time being. Something happened o the server side and the guys in the background are working on it but no time frame as of yet. I'll try and keep you posted as much as I can. Now let's hear some good news. Myself along with my cohost tc89 have just recorded our first podcast for We have never worked on a podcast before so a lot of this is a work in progress but in time, we hope to have a solid show for you all. I'm busy doing some rendering now so it might sound a bit off, but thats because we are still working on the programs recording at the right pitch. We also did this over Ventrillo which we decided to test and according to how the recording went, Skype might be in our future lol.

I will try and have the RSS feed for it later today. I'll keep you all posted.