Saturday, July 30, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 7: The TC89 Show

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 7: The TC89 Show

In this episode, TC89 did all of the research. I was moving stuff and didn't have time. But he brings us news about Update 4, the DLC release date and our last Role Focus for now is Nature.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Update 4 Release News
- "Fight for the Light" DLC Release date?

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Comic-Con News

Role Focus
- Power Set: Nature

Comic News and Information
- Comic News

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Springtime Seasonal Event featuring Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy

Instead of me doing a video for this seasonal event, I will discuss it in detail for it to hopefully help those who need it. Also the Feats for this event aren't that difficult but hey I help out. In order to get the Trinket and the Styles sold by the seasonal vendor, you have to get 84 Seed Tokens, which will take 14 days (thats 2 weeks for lazy people, including me). I play mainly as a Hero, I will eventually learn to love the Villain in me but we just have to wait and see.

UPDATED: For the new 2012 Seasonal Event, nothing has been changed or added. I hope this helps all newcomers and be sure to follow me to stay up to date. Thanks everyone.

The Renewal of Spring - 50 Feat Points
  • Seeds of Success Feat Completed
  • Eco Friendly Feat Completed
  • That's No Ordinary Rabbit Feat Completed
  • Fruit Flavored Feat Completed
  • Seeds of Spring Collection Completed

Seeds of Success Feat - 25 Feat Points
Purchase any of the Spring Seasonal Trinkets

Pretty self explanatory. The trinkets cost 40 Seed Tokens that you receive from completing the "Protecting the Green" quest.

Fruit Flavored - 25 Feat points
Eat all varieties of Boost! Snacks

Eat all 3 of the Boost! Snacks, they each give a different buff which are:
Boost! Orange Snack - Gain increased health for 30 minutes (125 health increase)
Boost! Strawberry Snack - Gain increased healing for 30 minutes
Boost! Melon - Gain increased damage to all your attacks for 30 minutes

That's No Ordinary Rabbit - 25 Feat Points
Collect all styles in the Warrior of Spring set

6 of these pieces can be bought from the seasonal vendor. The Head Piece and the Back Piece can be found in alerts and duos from the end bosses. Their chance for dropping are rare. The pieces bought from the seasonal vendor are:

Shoulders of Spring Growth - Costs 7 Seed Tokens
Chestplate of the Spring Warrior - Costs 8 Seed Tokens
Warrior's Gauntlets of Renewed Life - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
The Green Belt - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
Leggings of the Spring Warrior - Costs 8 Seed Tokens
Treads of the Green - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
Visage of the Spring Rebirth - Random Drop in Alerts and Duos

Eco-Friendly - 25 Feat Points
Complete the Spring Seasonal daily quest ten times

The daily quest given by either Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy, the reward is 6 Seed Tokens.

Seeds of Spring Collection - Reward: HAZMAT Head Piece
Collect all the pieces for the collection

These collection pieces are rare and will randomly drop when you are doing the daily quest from the mobs. Below are the items you need to collect which you can also find in your local Auction House:

Dormant Seed
Germinated Seed
Heirloom Seed
Hybrid Seed
Open pollinated Seed

Thought this guide is very late I hope it at least helps though that may be struggling. I at least wanted this made to keep in my records. I will be sure to work harder to get guides like this out faster. I have pictures I'm working on but they will come later.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

DC Universe Online: PC Test Server, Day 2 Video

Day 2 video is now up and I edited the information at the bottom to show the times for when I talk about each Tier 3 gear.

Friday, July 22, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 6: I Got the Magic in Me!

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 6: I Got the Magic in Me!

In this episode,we discuss news from the San Diego Comic-Con, some things to mention from the PC Test Server, the new DLC game on Facebook. Our Role Focus for today will be Sorcery.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- PC Test Server impressions
- DLC Contest

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Comic-Con news and Information

Role Focus
- Power Set: Sorcery

Comic News and Information
- DC Retrospective

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Monday, July 18, 2011

DC Universe Online: PC Test Server, Day 1 Video

Here is my video of some small things from the PC Test Server, more videos are to come my friends, much much more!!! Enjoy.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Test Server LIVE!

Yes, I may be "late" announcing it but hey, better late than never. I'm loading it up right now and so far ran through some random menus and I can tell you, some stuff is just looking cool, like the new Journal UI. I'm recording a video tonight and will try and have it up on the youtube a little later. Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 15, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 5: Seeing the Light

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 5: Seeing the Light

In this episode,we discuss DC Universe Online's first Expansion, Fight for the Light featuring the Green Lantern Corp and the Sinestro Corps.

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Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Megaserver Thoughts
- Update 4 Information

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- DCUO First Expansion

Role Focus
- Power Set: Hard Light

Comic News and Information
- Batman Arkham City: Riddler Trailer

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Monday, July 11, 2011

DCUO First Expansion, Fight for the Light

Over the past 2 hours, reading facebook posts, multiple links to websites talking about it, I think I even saw a green kitten. I am bringing you all the information you need in one handy written post. I hope I cover everything and if I miss something please post it in the comments and don't go through chainsaws at my head because of it.

DC Universe Online: Fight for the Light Expansion

This expansion will be giving us a lot of Green Lantern content. A trip to the Planet Oa, Guy Gardner showing up, possibility of Kyle Rayner somewhere, the Red Lanterns coming about, and of course a tease that the rest of the Emotion Spectrum Corps showing up later down the road. But let me talk about the stuff I do now about or at least what I've read. This is a DLC (Downloadable Content) but this is one we have to pay for for only $9.99 US, a very reasonable price that I have already stowed away ready to spend. Once you buy the DLC, you can either create OR respec your current lvl 30 character. Example, I have Trexstar who is a lvl 30 Sorcery, I get the DLC, I respec Trexstar to hard Light and put the Skill Points where I want and boom, I have myself a new Trexstar, Green Lantern Corp member 1,332,355,711.5 (We know that servers will be flooded)

New Power Set: Hard Light
Heroes get to be part of the Green Lantern Corps while the Villains join the Sinestro Corps. I've read that you will not have the lantern icons so thats a bit disappointing, but it may change, you never know. This Power Set will be under the Controller Role (and the waves of cheers and boos come from everywhere). The Power Set gets 24 abilities with 12 being the regular powers we see in trees while the other 12 gives us access to Constructs. Now you will still have to choose your normal weapon type (the Rings are not weapons) like Staff, Dual Pistol etc, but the constructs that you can click on your hot-bar like the Light Chainsaw adds onto the combo dealing more damage. This brings a new light (joke) to the fighting system we are growing to love.

New Alerts and Duo!:
STAR Labs 4-Person Alert
This continues the story of the Power Batteries being drained. Brainiac has been draining them in STAR Labs and so a shaky truce is made to bring the batteries back under the control of STAR Labs. Who the bosses are is not none yet.

Coast City 4-Person Alert
We travel to Hal Jordan's home town and head to Ferris Aircraft. The Red Lantern Corps, led by Atrocitus (which is lantern talk for AWESOME), are destroying stuff and we gotta talk them down.

Science Cells 4-Person Alert
We now travel to the home of the Green Lantern Corps, the Planet Oa. We have to hep Guy Gardner stop a prison break holding some of the most dangerous villains that have fought with the Green Lantern Corps. Thats for heroes, for you villains, you have to help Sinestro break them out including getting Lyssa Drak out.

Coast City 2-Person Duo
Just a Duo version of the Coast City Alert, just another way for players to see the content. I give them that, but most agree, re-hash content blos.

So lets talk a bit about the armors and such. Now I've read a couple of times to understand this so let me lay it out for you. You will not "be" in the Green/Yellow Lantern Corps. You will be a "reservist member" meaning no lantern icon (again may change, not sure). There will be though Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps suits and iconic armor sets along with other items as well. No "official word from SOE yet but I'm keeping my eyes open for it. I also want to point out the's post about the expansion. It's not really towards the guys at but to those who comment. Free Speech is surely in full swing when idiots want to comment saying the game needs to be free to play. IGN had it wrong, you will be able to make constructs, other sites have mentioned it so I think IGN missed that one or possibly miss-worded it. This is an EXPANSION, not an update so yes, you will need to pay for it which is understandable. You think Blizzard will give you a new Class for free? No, you bought the expansion to get the new class, same concept. This expansion is only 10 bucks, cheap for what we are getting.

This expansion is set for Late Summer 2011 release. Now this download pack does not replace the normal content updates, they will continue to come. But in order to get the Hard Light power, you must buy this download pack. Thanks for reading friends and I'll post more information when I find it, or when Deadpool finds it and I read it. Seriously, the guy is good at what he does.

Links I got the information from:
Comic Book Rescources

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update 4 News, Straight from SOE Fan Faire

We have Deadpool on the show one time and already I find he does a better job then me lol. I found on his League's Facebook page about new information about Update 4 and of course some trolling on the forums helps as well. The link in the title will take you to their youtube channel where you can watch the video. But below you will find all the information they talked about. Thanks again to Deadpool and the people who watched the live stream earlier today to get all this information together.

Fortress Raid 1
...Brainiac attacked the Nexus of Tech in the Bat cave, now he's onto the Nexus of Meta in the Fortress
...First part takes place outside the fortress, trying to get in via underground tunnels and such
...Brainiac has had his minions fuze with the sun stones of the fortress (stones that can alter shape to form armor and weapons)
...Along the way, the collection theme will be lost expedition parties that Lex sent into the infiltrate the Fortress over the years (notes from them about waiting for Lex to come save them).
...This raid will introduce Krypto the Super Dog. Brainiac will control Krypto and it's our jobs to keep breaking that control to get him back on our side.

Fortress Raid 2
...The goal is to take back the Fortress from Brainiac
...To help, Lex releases General Zod, Ursala and Nonn from the Phantom Zone
......The agree to help to preserve Krytonian History and not let Brainiac get it
...You will have to battle Jor El's corrupt AI
...At the end, will fight the Avatar of Meta

Fortress Raid 3
...No Brainiac in this part. The battle will be with Zod and his party

Fortress Loot and Rewards
...4 New tier 3 Kyrptonian Sets (built to match the sun stone crystals of the fortress)
......Different look for each type of class (Controller, Tank, Healer)
...New "Brainiac" Suit
...New Weapons
...Apparently the rating on these will be 113

The guesstimate on how long it will take a well geared raid group to clear is between 30-40 minutes, with Raid 2 being the longest and Raid 3 possibly being the shortest.

Tokens will be "Marks of Krypton" and only can be obtained via a Raid

...Other questions/answers that came up...

Marketplace has had a recent update (like today) with new styles and Arkham Joker.

Dueling is being added to the game very soon

A New PvP Map will be coming in the Next Patch
...Will be Quake Style Death Match

They are exploring the idea of League Standings and Ladders

Working on different drops for the Vault

The are working on ideas for Solo content
...Want to create more "open area" content so that solo players don't disappear from the world as much (to keep things populated more)

Before they add new zones, they are looking at un-bottling areas and maybe adding more "contestable" areas

Lobo is not in the current plans to add, but when they add "Galatic" content, he will likely show up

There will be a Wonder Woman related raid coming (they've done Tech, going to do Meta...easy to guess what's next)

Test Server is pretty much ready to go, but the Devs want to wait until they are all back in town before launching it
...MegaServer is part of the first big test, but they plan on testing many things on there after that (on-going)

PS3 Screen shot ability will be coming with update 4

Monday will be some pretty huge announcements that they couldn't share today

Pre-set Outfits (being able to quick switch gear) is high on their list of things they want to add

They are currently working to add ingame to out of game options like "print on demand" posters of your character

Movement & Power respec info coming soon (maybe part of the big Monday announcements???)

They will be at the July Comic Con
...Watch the Facebook page for into on how to get VIP access to certain events

Side-kick/Level boosts are not being planned currently. Rather they are making it easier to level up.

Chat system/filters are being looked at, but currently the focus is on the Voice side of ingame communication.

Regarding expansions...besides doing updates, they will announce something about how they will do expansions with Monday's announcement.

So come Monday we will get another announcement that even I can't wait for. Update 4 seems to be a promising update that I am on the edge of my seat for but first thing first, we need to test out the Megaserver technology. I understand the Devs don't want to launch it during the weekend, for crying out loud, they need a day off too. When the PTC comes online and I can test out the Megaserver Tech, with the possibility of Update 4 content too, I wonder if they will institute "premade characters". I doubt it, but hey, a guy can dream. Now if you don't mind, I've spent a lot of time recording, working on my new videos (longer than I ever thought but almost done), I'm going to go try and raid and play some of this good game. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 4: Gadgets Galore!

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 4: Gadgets Galore

In this episode, our Role Focus will be the Gadgets Power Set with Special Guest, Deadpool. We will also talk about the Magical World of Megaservers, and the current build for the first DCUO Public Test Center. We also discuss the upcoming new Batman game, Batman: Arkham City and much, much more.

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Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Test Server Information and Discussion

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Batman: Arkham City Discussion
- Gotham City Imposters Discussion 

Role Focus
- Power Set: Gadgets presented by Special Guest Deadpool

Comic News and Information
- Flashpoint #3
- Misadventures of Adam West
- Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Public Test Centers/Servers/Realms, whatever you all decide to call it

Alright my PC brethren, Deadmeat has posted on the Official Forums discussing the lovely news about the Public Test Centers. In house testing seemed to be pretty nice so now they are looking at possibly Next week, hopefully Tuesday, for the PTC to open up and we can begin testing the Megaserver technology. You can find the post here.

Now in order to participate in the PTC, you MUST have an active subscription and you can download the Patcher here. Once downloaded and saved, enter your Username and Password and begin the 13.4GB download..oh the joy. Download the thing when you are not using your PC to maximize your download time, little nugget of info for those that don't know. You can definitely expect a video possibly Wednesday of me getting the feel of the Megaserver and more thoughts when I talk about on next week's Podcast.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 3: We Went Mental

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 3: We Went Mental

In this episode, our Role Focus will be the Mental Power Set. A new Skill Planner has been found, though its in the works. The Marketplace is Live but does it give us actual goodies to buy? We also have a movie review, Transformers 3 and some comic news as well.

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Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Free to Play Discussion
- Facebook Quiz

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Marketplace is LIVE
- Public Test Centers for PC&PS3
- New Skill Planner

Role Focus
- Power Set: Mental

Comic News and Information
- Transformers 3 Movie Review
- Comic Books

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Podcast Postponed

Due to some personal events that have occurred, we are unable to record the Podcast today. We are looking at recording it tomorrow but we will let you know when we get it uploaded. Thanks to everyone for your patience and sadly, life happens, but everything is ok and we will get the show done when we can.