Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Megaservers have arrived

Well SOE are underway with Day 1 of the Megaserver deployment wrapping up I believe. Our faithful brothers and sisters on the EU PC side are getting their Megaservers. Next up is US PC on Wednesday the 10th, then the PS3 US on that Thursday and finally PS3 EU on the 15th. Sorry PS3 EU, someone had to be last but really I didn't expect you going that far last, you are in our hearts.

RadarX placed a well nice FAQ for the Megaservers here. Now with each upgrade to the Megaservers, they are releasing a small patch to fix some errors, most notable is the Lady Doombringer fight where she just pops out even without getting all five of the Large Doom Crazed Citizens. Also, in much rejoice, the Krypto Feat is getting fixed as well.

Now onto to other news, I am very busy getting a temp home for the podcasts. My good buddy Durraken is setting up a little side of his server just for the podcast until we get a final home up and running. Hopefully tomorrow we will see some results. Once I have all 8 (yes, we still recorded this past Friday) up on the server, I will update all the past files to the new place so they are able to be downloaded. I hope to have some good news tomorrow about it, pay close watch to our Facebook Page for more info.

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