Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooktacular - Halloween Event

Everyone has been wondering about the Halloween Event and it is finally not so scary form. Spooktacular is a Scarecrow Event that you can queue in by selecting your On Duty tab and selecting Events.In this event, you will be fighting Scarecrow just like in his Gotham Sewer lair (I'm sure everyone has done it by now so you know the fight). There nothing new, he is revamped for this level 30 content but is still easy. The items he drops are not finalized yet, he seem to drop the Scarecrow's Hat with level 30 stats. He also drops 4 different Spooktacular Tricks or Treats that will be listed later. Besides getting the candies, he also gives 2 Spooky Tokens used to purchase items and styles from the vending machine. Now lets go over the good stuff, the Feats.

Eat, Drink and be Scary - 25 Feat Points
Complete all of the Spooktacular feats

Candy Candy Candy Candy - 10 Feat Points
Consume 25 Spooktacular Tricks or Treats

While you are doing the Spooktacular Event, Duos, Alerts and Challenges, these candies will drop and you just have to eat 25 of them to get the feat, easy.

Costume Party - 10 Feat Points
Collect all the styles from Skeets' Boo-tique

The Skeets' Boo-tique is a vending machine located in the Event's main room after defeating Scarecrow and located in GCPD 9th Precinct. There are only 3 styles to choose from, Head, Chest and Legs. Below are what they are:
Stitched-Together Jute Pants
Style: Jute

Costs 3x Spooky Token

Pumpkin Head
Style: Pumpkin Head

Costs 4x Spooky Tokens

Stitched-Together Jute Shirt
Style: Jute

Costs 3x Spooky Token

I Must Not Fear - 10 Feat Points
Complete the Scarecrow Spooktacular Event 5 times

So you are looking at doing this event for 5 days to get the feat. Doing so will also give you a total of 10 Spooky Tokens to be used to purchase all 3 styles.

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feat
Consume all of the different Spooktacular Tricks or Treats
[ ] Trick: Stink Bomb
[ ] Trick: Boo-Urns
[ ] Trick: Chill Out
[ ] Trick: Zzzap!
[ ] Trick: Psych!
[ ] Treat: Notafinger
[ ] Treat: Candy Corn
[ ] Treat: Power Patch Brats
[ ] Treat: Snackers Candy Bar
[ ] Treat: STAR Blast Chews

These are the candies that drop from the Event, Duos, Alerts and Challenges. I haven't found if there is an exact place for them to drop but if I find it out I will certainly post it. I hope you all enjoy the event and happy hunting.

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