Saturday, October 15, 2011

Transformers Universe Preview

Transformers Universe is being made by Jagex and Hasbro. Jagex is known for its highly successful and very popular game, Runescape. They are now bringing the Browser Based MMO genre to the Transformers Universe. Here at the New York Comic Con, there booth gave access to the fans in attending to create their own Autobot or Decepticon, save it, and then take a picture and have it printed it out with your Bot  in the top left hand corner and you, in the bottom right. In the bottom left on the photo is a code in which you go to their website and you can download a picture of your Bot and show it off to the social media world. They practically reserved your character for you, when the game comes out sometime next year. The Classes have not been announced or even finalized for that matter. In partnership with, they are holding a poll that you can Vote for the Class names or even suggest your own name. They give us a look at the 3 types of combat for your Bot, Close Combat, Mid-Range Combat, and Long-Range Combat.

The Panel, hosted by, consisted of Garret Fuller, the Moderator, Samantha Hock, Senior Concept Artist, Aaron Archer, VP of IP and Brand Design at Hasbro, and Sean Charles, Senior Marketing Manager. I was able to do an interview with Sean and he was very nice to do it and you can check that out on my youtube channel once I post it later this week.  This MMO will not be set anywhere near the universe that the Movie franchise created, it is more closely involved with the Transformers Prime Universe. The game will start out on Earth but with it being an MMO, there may be plans to expand. The voice actors were not given at that time so we are not sure whether we will hear the voice actors from Prime or there will be new actors doing them. The combat system was not revealed due to it still being in early development. Gameplay also could not be revealed, but a nice example of what NOT to expect if Optimus Prime asking you to go pick flowers. Currency was not explained either. We were told that the game is no way the same as Runescape, it’s a new engine and new staff working on it. The appearances of the robots resemble that of the Transformers Prime animated show. They stayed away from the G1 characters a bit because they wanted to “modernize” the look of the robots, but it was mentioned by Samantha that she did just work on a Flamore design. You know, to make this easier, let’s list everything they couldn’t comment about or didn’t really explain:

Open world PVP? No comment
Vehicle Combat? Haven’t announced anything but the vehicles aren’t just a mount.
Flying Combat? Haven’t announced anything but it’s something they are looking at.
Auction house? It’s a system they are looking at.
Unicron? Can’t go into detail.
Pricing? Nothing has been finalized yet.

Basically, they came to New York Comic Con 2011 to tell you it’s being developed, come to our booth and reserve YOUR character and the name of your character and then take a picture to remember it always. In reality, I would have liked a bit more information about the game then what was given, but it’s still being developed. Jagex played it smart with their booth design and getting the word out as they did. The game has a target release date of sometime in 2012 and Beta will be starting possibly in Early 2012. A new trailer that was shown off at the New York Comic Con 2011 gave us a look at the concept art for the environment and the Bots themselves. Remember, I said it was concept. Expect more info to come closer to 2012.

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