Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update 4 News, Straight from SOE Fan Faire

We have Deadpool on the show one time and already I find he does a better job then me lol. I found on his League's Facebook page about new information about Update 4 and of course some trolling on the forums helps as well. The link in the title will take you to their youtube channel where you can watch the video. But below you will find all the information they talked about. Thanks again to Deadpool and the people who watched the live stream earlier today to get all this information together.

Fortress Raid 1
...Brainiac attacked the Nexus of Tech in the Bat cave, now he's onto the Nexus of Meta in the Fortress
...First part takes place outside the fortress, trying to get in via underground tunnels and such
...Brainiac has had his minions fuze with the sun stones of the fortress (stones that can alter shape to form armor and weapons)
...Along the way, the collection theme will be lost expedition parties that Lex sent into the infiltrate the Fortress over the years (notes from them about waiting for Lex to come save them).
...This raid will introduce Krypto the Super Dog. Brainiac will control Krypto and it's our jobs to keep breaking that control to get him back on our side.

Fortress Raid 2
...The goal is to take back the Fortress from Brainiac
...To help, Lex releases General Zod, Ursala and Nonn from the Phantom Zone
......The agree to help to preserve Krytonian History and not let Brainiac get it
...You will have to battle Jor El's corrupt AI
...At the end, will fight the Avatar of Meta

Fortress Raid 3
...No Brainiac in this part. The battle will be with Zod and his party

Fortress Loot and Rewards
...4 New tier 3 Kyrptonian Sets (built to match the sun stone crystals of the fortress)
......Different look for each type of class (Controller, Tank, Healer)
...New "Brainiac" Suit
...New Weapons
...Apparently the rating on these will be 113

The guesstimate on how long it will take a well geared raid group to clear is between 30-40 minutes, with Raid 2 being the longest and Raid 3 possibly being the shortest.

Tokens will be "Marks of Krypton" and only can be obtained via a Raid

...Other questions/answers that came up...

Marketplace has had a recent update (like today) with new styles and Arkham Joker.

Dueling is being added to the game very soon

A New PvP Map will be coming in the Next Patch
...Will be Quake Style Death Match

They are exploring the idea of League Standings and Ladders

Working on different drops for the Vault

The are working on ideas for Solo content
...Want to create more "open area" content so that solo players don't disappear from the world as much (to keep things populated more)

Before they add new zones, they are looking at un-bottling areas and maybe adding more "contestable" areas

Lobo is not in the current plans to add, but when they add "Galatic" content, he will likely show up

There will be a Wonder Woman related raid coming (they've done Tech, going to do Meta...easy to guess what's next)

Test Server is pretty much ready to go, but the Devs want to wait until they are all back in town before launching it
...MegaServer is part of the first big test, but they plan on testing many things on there after that (on-going)

PS3 Screen shot ability will be coming with update 4

Monday will be some pretty huge announcements that they couldn't share today

Pre-set Outfits (being able to quick switch gear) is high on their list of things they want to add

They are currently working to add ingame to out of game options like "print on demand" posters of your character

Movement & Power respec info coming soon (maybe part of the big Monday announcements???)

They will be at the July Comic Con
...Watch the Facebook page for into on how to get VIP access to certain events

Side-kick/Level boosts are not being planned currently. Rather they are making it easier to level up.

Chat system/filters are being looked at, but currently the focus is on the Voice side of ingame communication.

Regarding expansions...besides doing updates, they will announce something about how they will do expansions with Monday's announcement.

So come Monday we will get another announcement that even I can't wait for. Update 4 seems to be a promising update that I am on the edge of my seat for but first thing first, we need to test out the Megaserver technology. I understand the Devs don't want to launch it during the weekend, for crying out loud, they need a day off too. When the PTC comes online and I can test out the Megaserver Tech, with the possibility of Update 4 content too, I wonder if they will institute "premade characters". I doubt it, but hey, a guy can dream. Now if you don't mind, I've spent a lot of time recording, working on my new videos (longer than I ever thought but almost done), I'm going to go try and raid and play some of this good game. 

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