Sunday, July 24, 2011

Springtime Seasonal Event featuring Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy

Instead of me doing a video for this seasonal event, I will discuss it in detail for it to hopefully help those who need it. Also the Feats for this event aren't that difficult but hey I help out. In order to get the Trinket and the Styles sold by the seasonal vendor, you have to get 84 Seed Tokens, which will take 14 days (thats 2 weeks for lazy people, including me). I play mainly as a Hero, I will eventually learn to love the Villain in me but we just have to wait and see.

UPDATED: For the new 2012 Seasonal Event, nothing has been changed or added. I hope this helps all newcomers and be sure to follow me to stay up to date. Thanks everyone.

The Renewal of Spring - 50 Feat Points
  • Seeds of Success Feat Completed
  • Eco Friendly Feat Completed
  • That's No Ordinary Rabbit Feat Completed
  • Fruit Flavored Feat Completed
  • Seeds of Spring Collection Completed

Seeds of Success Feat - 25 Feat Points
Purchase any of the Spring Seasonal Trinkets

Pretty self explanatory. The trinkets cost 40 Seed Tokens that you receive from completing the "Protecting the Green" quest.

Fruit Flavored - 25 Feat points
Eat all varieties of Boost! Snacks

Eat all 3 of the Boost! Snacks, they each give a different buff which are:
Boost! Orange Snack - Gain increased health for 30 minutes (125 health increase)
Boost! Strawberry Snack - Gain increased healing for 30 minutes
Boost! Melon - Gain increased damage to all your attacks for 30 minutes

That's No Ordinary Rabbit - 25 Feat Points
Collect all styles in the Warrior of Spring set

6 of these pieces can be bought from the seasonal vendor. The Head Piece and the Back Piece can be found in alerts and duos from the end bosses. Their chance for dropping are rare. The pieces bought from the seasonal vendor are:

Shoulders of Spring Growth - Costs 7 Seed Tokens
Chestplate of the Spring Warrior - Costs 8 Seed Tokens
Warrior's Gauntlets of Renewed Life - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
The Green Belt - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
Leggings of the Spring Warrior - Costs 8 Seed Tokens
Treads of the Green - Costs 6 Seed Tokens
Visage of the Spring Rebirth - Random Drop in Alerts and Duos

Eco-Friendly - 25 Feat Points
Complete the Spring Seasonal daily quest ten times

The daily quest given by either Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy, the reward is 6 Seed Tokens.

Seeds of Spring Collection - Reward: HAZMAT Head Piece
Collect all the pieces for the collection

These collection pieces are rare and will randomly drop when you are doing the daily quest from the mobs. Below are the items you need to collect which you can also find in your local Auction House:

Dormant Seed
Germinated Seed
Heirloom Seed
Hybrid Seed
Open pollinated Seed

Thought this guide is very late I hope it at least helps though that may be struggling. I at least wanted this made to keep in my records. I will be sure to work harder to get guides like this out faster. I have pictures I'm working on but they will come later.

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