Sunday, July 3, 2011

Public Test Centers/Servers/Realms, whatever you all decide to call it

Alright my PC brethren, Deadmeat has posted on the Official Forums discussing the lovely news about the Public Test Centers. In house testing seemed to be pretty nice so now they are looking at possibly Next week, hopefully Tuesday, for the PTC to open up and we can begin testing the Megaserver technology. You can find the post here.

Now in order to participate in the PTC, you MUST have an active subscription and you can download the Patcher here. Once downloaded and saved, enter your Username and Password and begin the 13.4GB download..oh the joy. Download the thing when you are not using your PC to maximize your download time, little nugget of info for those that don't know. You can definitely expect a video possibly Wednesday of me getting the feel of the Megaserver and more thoughts when I talk about on next week's Podcast.

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