Friday, July 8, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 4: Gadgets Galore!

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 4: Gadgets Galore

In this episode, our Role Focus will be the Gadgets Power Set with Special Guest, Deadpool. We will also talk about the Magical World of Megaservers, and the current build for the first DCUO Public Test Center. We also discuss the upcoming new Batman game, Batman: Arkham City and much, much more.

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Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Test Server Information and Discussion

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Batman: Arkham City Discussion
- Gotham City Imposters Discussion 

Role Focus
- Power Set: Gadgets presented by Special Guest Deadpool

Comic News and Information
- Flashpoint #3
- Misadventures of Adam West
- Dark Knight Rises Trailer!

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