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DCUO First Expansion, Fight for the Light

Over the past 2 hours, reading facebook posts, multiple links to websites talking about it, I think I even saw a green kitten. I am bringing you all the information you need in one handy written post. I hope I cover everything and if I miss something please post it in the comments and don't go through chainsaws at my head because of it.

DC Universe Online: Fight for the Light Expansion

This expansion will be giving us a lot of Green Lantern content. A trip to the Planet Oa, Guy Gardner showing up, possibility of Kyle Rayner somewhere, the Red Lanterns coming about, and of course a tease that the rest of the Emotion Spectrum Corps showing up later down the road. But let me talk about the stuff I do now about or at least what I've read. This is a DLC (Downloadable Content) but this is one we have to pay for for only $9.99 US, a very reasonable price that I have already stowed away ready to spend. Once you buy the DLC, you can either create OR respec your current lvl 30 character. Example, I have Trexstar who is a lvl 30 Sorcery, I get the DLC, I respec Trexstar to hard Light and put the Skill Points where I want and boom, I have myself a new Trexstar, Green Lantern Corp member 1,332,355,711.5 (We know that servers will be flooded)

New Power Set: Hard Light
Heroes get to be part of the Green Lantern Corps while the Villains join the Sinestro Corps. I've read that you will not have the lantern icons so thats a bit disappointing, but it may change, you never know. This Power Set will be under the Controller Role (and the waves of cheers and boos come from everywhere). The Power Set gets 24 abilities with 12 being the regular powers we see in trees while the other 12 gives us access to Constructs. Now you will still have to choose your normal weapon type (the Rings are not weapons) like Staff, Dual Pistol etc, but the constructs that you can click on your hot-bar like the Light Chainsaw adds onto the combo dealing more damage. This brings a new light (joke) to the fighting system we are growing to love.

New Alerts and Duo!:
STAR Labs 4-Person Alert
This continues the story of the Power Batteries being drained. Brainiac has been draining them in STAR Labs and so a shaky truce is made to bring the batteries back under the control of STAR Labs. Who the bosses are is not none yet.

Coast City 4-Person Alert
We travel to Hal Jordan's home town and head to Ferris Aircraft. The Red Lantern Corps, led by Atrocitus (which is lantern talk for AWESOME), are destroying stuff and we gotta talk them down.

Science Cells 4-Person Alert
We now travel to the home of the Green Lantern Corps, the Planet Oa. We have to hep Guy Gardner stop a prison break holding some of the most dangerous villains that have fought with the Green Lantern Corps. Thats for heroes, for you villains, you have to help Sinestro break them out including getting Lyssa Drak out.

Coast City 2-Person Duo
Just a Duo version of the Coast City Alert, just another way for players to see the content. I give them that, but most agree, re-hash content blos.

So lets talk a bit about the armors and such. Now I've read a couple of times to understand this so let me lay it out for you. You will not "be" in the Green/Yellow Lantern Corps. You will be a "reservist member" meaning no lantern icon (again may change, not sure). There will be though Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps suits and iconic armor sets along with other items as well. No "official word from SOE yet but I'm keeping my eyes open for it. I also want to point out the's post about the expansion. It's not really towards the guys at but to those who comment. Free Speech is surely in full swing when idiots want to comment saying the game needs to be free to play. IGN had it wrong, you will be able to make constructs, other sites have mentioned it so I think IGN missed that one or possibly miss-worded it. This is an EXPANSION, not an update so yes, you will need to pay for it which is understandable. You think Blizzard will give you a new Class for free? No, you bought the expansion to get the new class, same concept. This expansion is only 10 bucks, cheap for what we are getting.

This expansion is set for Late Summer 2011 release. Now this download pack does not replace the normal content updates, they will continue to come. But in order to get the Hard Light power, you must buy this download pack. Thanks for reading friends and I'll post more information when I find it, or when Deadpool finds it and I read it. Seriously, the guy is good at what he does.

Links I got the information from:
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