Saturday, July 2, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 3: We Went Mental

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 3: We Went Mental

In this episode, our Role Focus will be the Mental Power Set. A new Skill Planner has been found, though its in the works. The Marketplace is Live but does it give us actual goodies to buy? We also have a movie review, Transformers 3 and some comic news as well.

Congress Wants To Make Streaming A Felony
Please fill out the information and it will get sent to your congressman.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Free to Play Discussion
- Facebook Quiz

Daily Planet News
- Forum posts from the Official Forums PC/PS3
- Marketplace is LIVE
- Public Test Centers for PC&PS3
- New Skill Planner

Role Focus
- Power Set: Mental

Comic News and Information
- Transformers 3 Movie Review
- Comic Books

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