Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fortress of Solitude, Update 4 news

I really didn't want that to be the title but hey, it's all I got. I read this yesterday and finally had time today to bring it more light. sat down with our new Game Director Mark Anderson about Update 3 and can you believe it, Update 4. The link is below to read the full article yourself:

I'll be happy to share some neat highlights but I really recommend on reading the full article since it was really nice. Update 3 we already know and its still slated to come out "soon", so I won't really go into much about it but what I will go into is Update 4. Here are the highlights to expect (note that some information may be part of other updates not necessarily in Update 4):


- New Raid Content: "The Fortress of Solitude" starring Superman and Lex Luthor. yes my friends, they team up. IGN asks about possible Villian/Hero team ups for this raid but of course, Mark doesn't give a direct answer.

- New Hard Alerts: HIVE Moon Base. They say fan-favorite but then why are the queues still just as long?? A new four-person version of the first Batcave Raid. This is done so players who haven't seen the 8 player version can still experience the story. He didn't say whether or not it's going to be a Hard Alert.

- New Tier Gear: Each role will have gear based on a unique aspect Kryptonian Sunstone technology

- Update 4 is looking good for a mid-summer release. Now friends, don't start yelling when it comes, you never know what happens when it comes to developing.

Now some other highlights from this news article are below:

- They discussed the think they gave a date? Of course not.
- Starting with Update 3, the new Alerts Ra's Al Ghul and Oolong Island hard Alert will be giving Marks of Distinction and it continues going into Update 4. Triumph gear will start to go drop in restrictions going into Update 4 so others can collect the iconic gear and such.
- They are working on tying the accomplishments PS3 players get in game with Playstation Network Trophies.
- Now suits to collect especially in Oolong island
- New PVP sets based on the look of Brainiac

As I said, the article was pretty nice and I look forward to playing Update 3 whenever they can launch it. I'm a patient man, besides, this gives me more time to record and make videos before I go head into Update 3 enjoying the game before going back to work on making videos. Gotta fill in that void in between updates. Until next time guys.

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