Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ye Be Not Forgotten..and neither am I

Oh its been what, almost a week since my last post? Well my friends, I do apologize, completely my fault and I'll blame tc89 as well because I can. What have I been doing while not posting stuff? Well, I work a full time job and a full time girlfriend, I've tried to change my availability with the girlfriend to part time but sadly that just got all sorts of stuff thrown at my head, so morale of the story? There isn't one, I've been told to commit and I won't.

But moving on, I've had some fun times helping out another youtube channel called The channel admin has asked me to play some betas and do some commentary on them. So I get to record, talk about and play betas for free (yay) and I don't even have to do the hard part of putting them together, just endure to long upload times and die in the process. I'm happy to help him or her out, its fun to do things like this so stay tuned to that channel for some very cool and fun betas such as Dragon's Nest. The first video I did which I hope people like.

I keep mentioning it and you all don't see the outcome of it, Feat Hunter. Because the videos are going to be sooo freaking short, I had to go back through and record some extra footage just to make sure I had time to discuss the strategy of doing a quest. These videos seem not to be longer than 5 minutes so thats good. Again, it's in post-production and I'm trying to get a handful done so there's enough videos to last me a while while I work on more.

New duos, new alerts, no videos? Yeah, I know, its killing me too. I'm just not having luck much with running these suckers. When the Megaservers finally hit, I'll pray it fixes everything and I can run these things anytime. I'm also learning the best strats just to make sure I'm explaining it correctly. Now I'll also mention the Springtime walkthrough here, Feat Hunter will be doing it and you'll see it there, theres some math to doing this freaking thing so once I complete them, I'll share like I always do. This event doesn't have a race which I'm sad about, thanks SOE.

Ok so that should cover everything I believe. Oh yeah, I also have the Podcast to operate as well. Thankfully my awesome co-host came up with a great format for this week's episode which gave me more time to get my stuff ready to talk about the Power Set FIRE.

I thank all the visitors, subscribers, listeners, readers, heroes, villains, humans, Romulans, everyone. You guys keep coming here means a lot. Until next time folks.

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  1. I would blame me too.
    I'm a very blamable person. lol.