Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marketplace is Live!!

Today the servers went down to place in a hotfix, but more importantly, they brought online the in-game Marketplace. You know, the Grocery Cart icon we all hit by mistake and it NEVER GETS USED!!!!! Sorry, frustration kicks in sometimes. These items are bought with the Station Cash that everyone should have thanks to the rewards from the Sony Outage. To add more Station Cash, you need to use your credit card and do the old Micro-Transaction to get more Station Cash to buy things. I have my opinion on the micro-transactions and you'll hear that on the Podcast on Friday. But below are the items on sale right now:

Featured Item:
  • 5 Proto Repair Bots - 400 SC
  • None
  • Proto Repair Bot - 100 SC
  • Vault Ticket - 100 SC
  • 5 Vault Tickets - 400 SC

I have 500 SC on Black Ember, I'll check everyone else later but wow, in increments of 100. Sony really doesn't wan us to stay on their money do they? I'm anxious to see what Styles they put on the Marketplace but everyone has been wanting a Repair Bot and well, we got it, but I can buy the Featured special for 400 SC and get 5 Bots but then I can only use them 5 times. Of course they will used in raids, especially in the next Raid coming up. So this deal is the best bang for your buck. Buy it, save them. But are you going to go back and use your real money just to buy SC and then come back to buy the Bots? The turn around is going to be dismal, some people can chunk out the money and for those, good to ya. Me personally, I'm buying them, then I'm done. I can't afford to spend my money on stuff like this.

The Marketplace is Live with what we wanted sine launch really. We can only wait and see if SOE brings us items and styles that are worth the money.

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  1. No thanks. I am not a fan of this new movement to buy in game digitized crap with real $$. It seems like everyone is adopting it and it makes me sick. First you have to cough out the dough to purchase the game, then there is a monthly fee to play and now you can use real money to buy in game items (stuff that you can't get in game otherwise). These items should be made available in game by other means too.

    The #1 reason I quit playing WoW was 'cause of the whole buy the flying horse, never need to get a mount in game again. Just $25 more real $$$. Vanity pets, fine, but something that will make you not have to cough out what was thousands of gold to purchase (and the grind for said gold) over 8+ characters, was to me like Blizzard was selling Gold out right.

    It might just be time for me to give up on these MMOs and go back to simple games.

    Ok, I'll get off my podium now.