Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Series - Feat Hunter (In Post-Production)

Hello all, I am beginning production on my new video series entitled "Feat Hunter". I've been busy recording practically everything as I leveled this character to lvl 30 (what a long road it has been). I have tons of video footage of me getting Feats and how to get them. Some are easy, some were kinda tough, and some I had to learn and work with what I got. These videos are going to be short and to the point on how to get these feats. Some of the highlights that will be featured in this series are as followed:

  • Location of side missions for Story Arc Feats
  • Walkthroughs for extra Feats such as destroying "x" amount of stuff
  • And more...
It's in Post Production now which means I'm now going through all the videos, labeling them and putting the videos together and getting the voice work done. It's going to take some time but I'll try and get the first episode out by Friday if time allows, but no promises. Be sure to check here and the youtube channel for the first episode.

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