Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Downtime!!!!

I haven't died nor disappeared, those rumors I started are false. Now today on 6/23/11 or 23/6/11 for my fans across the pond, Servers are going down at 7am PST (Look at your own clocks friends, I can't tell time) to put in place a hotfix for the following:

  • Players should no longer become stuck in combat when no enemies are present.
  • Inverted cameras will no longer reset when moving to different areas.
  • The number of Marks of Triumph awarded by the Catwoman and Two Face Challenge modes have been adjusted to fit the original feature announcement in Game Update 3.
  • The Psycho Set item Deranger's Grips can now be found on Poison Ivy in the Arkham Asylum Alert.

Pretty neat and stuff I haven't realized nor would care about in some since.  For those that have mentioned these and got the Bug Devs to fix these, then kudos goes out to you all. i haven't found a big bug that caused me to inflame the forums yet (besides no healing barrels or anything in the Aquaman secret base, but I'm not going there). Downtime seems to be about 90 minutes long, so for that hour and a half, I recommend listening to your favorite podcast, the DCUO Source Podcast. Its free and on iTunes...go on, you know you wanna listen.

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