Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is a Test

Well my friends, just some amazing news coming from RadarX himself which you can find the link here.

Public Test Centers (Test servers) should be coming next week and how do we sign up? By downloading their patcher and you must have an active subscription. They copied all LIVE characters to the servers from last week, so if you got your Tier 2 gloves or something yesterday, do not expect to see it on the Test Servers.

Now he also stated that the only content on the test servers right now are Update 3 and the Megaserver Technology. Now how does this affect yours truly? We already know the content, the Megaserver technology... that's what I'm interested in, I wanna see the difference it brings to the gameplay, I wanna see how its going to hurt when I lose out on getting a collection cause 5 other people are after the same thing, I also want to see how this is going to affect our Auction Houses. Inflation, will not be our friend. Expect some talk about this on our next podcast show.

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