Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ra's Al Ghul Hard Alert First Impression

Hello friends,

I come to at least give you a somewhat first impression about the new Hard Alert, League of Assassin's Stronghold. Now no, I did not defeat Ra's at the end of the place, healer had to leave and then the group kinda broke up, oh wells, I'll get him next time. Now what I want to note is when queuing for this place, there are now 2 Hard Alert menus, Hard Alert T1 and T2. Oolong Island and LoA Stronghold are part of the T2. Their difficulty is Hard (der) and suggested Dominance is 500. Wow. But let me get into it really fast, this isn't a review, just my view when i first stepped into it to Tank on Black Ember.

You walk in and you have the 4 heads of the place, can't really remember their names but they were badass and tough. We decided to take out Serpent and Bolt. One they went down Ra's comes out and does a speech. Next thing you know, it's a TRAP! Spinning blades on both sides of the room come closing in, each member needs to get a switch and touch it when the icon pops up and you'll be saved (yes, we did wipe the first time on the trap cause well we didn't know). Now let me mention these 4 bosses you fight at first detail who you fight at the end. We left Burning and Lion Claw alone and we went through and we saw them as bosses by themselves. At the end, we had to fight a resurrected Serpent and Bolt AND Ra's joined the fight too, now that was challenging BUT hella fun. Now through out this whole place is of course ninjas. I suggest let you Tank go through everything first and walk slowly cause they will jump out of nowhere and start wailing on everyone. They can of course be AOEd down but then there's one you'll have to use single target attacks on.

Now I will be getting a video of this place this weekend but its going to take some time. I plan on getting each of the bosses as a single boss and then different combinations at the end with Ra's. A lot of work, yes but it's what I do and what I want to give you all. I'll try and at least get each boss fight done and uploaded and then combine everything at the end just so you all have something to watch in the mean time. Enjoy the new content folks, its pretty good so far.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, lots of help. Has anyone posted what the style of Ra's Cape looks like? I want to know if they finally gave us a collared cape. Hasn't drop during my encounters yet.