Friday, June 17, 2011

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 1: Feel the Chill

DCUO Source Podcast Episode 1: Feel the Chill

In this episode we go through our thoughts of Update 3 and the upcoming Update 4. Our good friend Tc89 also brings us an in depth look at the Power Set: ICE and the titles for the new 52 DC Comics coming in September.

Recently, in the Halls of Justice
- Update 3 reaction and the bugs they bring
- Update 4, what can we expect? Well how about the Fortress of Solitude, click here for the trailer.

Daily Planet News
- What was shown off at E3? Footage from the Fortress of Solitude, not much though
- PC/PS3 Forum posts that caught our eyes.

- Power Set: ICE

Comic News and Information
- The new 52 titles of the DC Comics Reboots and pictures on their Facebook page in the September Art Album

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  1. Welcome back! Love the show. Can you guys do a Role Focus on Mental Powerset next? Thx.

  2. Our next show will be talking about the Powerset Fire, then next week TC89 and I are gonna discuss the differences each power set brings to the tanking role. We will have our next Role Focus on the Controller Role talking about Mental first. It's gonna be awhile, but don't worry, we will get to all of them.

  3. I've played an ice character since game release, and I am always surprised to hear how many people say ice dps is horrible. Let me first say I do not claim to be unique or gifted in gameplay. That said, ever since I hit 30 in January, I have always been top dps in raids and alerts by a wide margin (only exceeded recently in one case when an ice dps utilized the rifle animation cancelling glitch), and our raiding league has cleared every instance on our first attempt, the first week that each instance was released. I do play with martial arts, however I have not encountered a player with another powerset and martial arts come close to matching or exceeding my dps output.

    Some overall thoughts:
    1) I do believe that ice has some unique options that can benefit repeatedly from high precision, high hit-count-per-second weapons like martial arts and shuriken.
    2) Reflection does allow ice to ignore the block button overall, which can be huge in a lot of encounters and provide a dps advantage.
    3) Many storms-heavy AND cryo-heavy loadouts can utilize minimal power while spamming power combos/rotations and constantly creating and building on frostbite and maintaining significant dps modifiers. Throughout any encounter.
    4) I also have seen how a raid composition focused on ice-centric power interactions can draMATically increase raid dps as a whole by over 25%, virtually melting many raid bosses and encounters in record time.
    5) Ice dps seems to excel the most in large groups of targets. single target dps for ice is high, but without an ice tank or trollers with ice-centric interactions, it is not so high over other power sets to warrant too much attention.

    Finally, some actual numbers: I have seen repeated single-target, single-hit ice power criticals exceeding 4k and occasionally approaching7-8k with impaling ice. As for multi-target ice power attacks, I have seen resonating gale (instant cast) crit for 1k on each target, and in BC3 mob rooms of over 20 targets, this is significant AOE spamming every 2-3 seconds or in a shuriken rotation.

    Mercuria on birthright server, Ronin league