Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Return to Azeroth

Well yes folks, I have come back to World of Warcraft after being away for I think about 4 months...yeah that sounds right. Ran a couple of Heroics that at launch I had fear of entering just due to the challenges they possess. yes, I'm one of those guys that say its too hard and at launch, I decided not to really give it much of a try.  learned the fights, I researched and then i realized they aren't that challenging if you understand and be patient. I was in the Closed and Open Beta for Cata, I knew these dungeons were going to be tough but I was still not ready lol. Through my time away from WoW, I kept up on current events, people whining about the difficulty and let's note, I never whined, at least publicly. If I faced a problem, my friends and guildies would give my the feedback needed to overcome the bosses, yay team. Now I did Shadowfang Keep heroic, one of which I realllly never wanted to do but I had a great tank (my friend and guildy). We went in and only had one wipe on like the fourth boss and that was just due to lag or something, nothing too troublesome. We cleared it without CC, without any troubles....ok this I have to say no to. Running the place made me feel like I stepped back into WotLK where groups can just roll over a Heroic and move on to the next. We did Lost City Heroic after that and yeah, no CC again. Before I left the game, I was running normals on my Druid and my DK and BOTH times, I always made sure to mark and CC.

I like some challenges, I have my fears "will I do well in here? Am I going to screw up a strat or something?" and those fears sometimes stops me from doing heroics until I decide to bite the bullet and go for it. I expected these Heroics to be tough and challenging. My friend told me the strats but after that he would sum it up to me saying "just blow him up, I'll handle the rest" and I really dont know what the boss does. My logic being a raider of course is to STAND OUT OF THE CRAP ON THE GROUND so I was covered there. I see why some people are mad, the heroics have gotten too easy and Blizzard seems to be rolling over and "catering" to these demands when someone says the dungeons are too hard. I'm waiting to see some posts on ZA and ZG being too hard, hell I'm not even geared for it yet but of course, I'm patient and will get in there eventually and see the challenges it brings.

All in all, heroics are too easy. I already read the Blue Posts about the change to Crowd Control abilities. I hate it and its taking away the strategy the groups need in order to take down trash. If I can use Root on a mob and it can just stand there without aggroing the group is making killing trash idiot proof. People need to learn the fights. Thankfully, we have numerous people on youtube that come up with strategies and show us and detail it for us. Watch, learn, then execute.

Thats it of my ranting. Being back in Azeroth is going to be tough, I miss my Xbox controller right now and I'm pondering what kind of videos I should do. I play a Balance Druid, should I make videos on how to play a balance druid? Give me the feedback.

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