Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sony Update and the US Congress

First, let's bring up the new Sony Update which you can find here.

Sony answers 4 questions that seem to be the topic everyone keeps asking them. As of right now, they do not have a time frame on when they get the network back up. They will only bring it up when they feel the network is secure again. Apparently, they explain that the PSN/Qriocity hack AND the SOE hack might have happened at the same time but only the PSN/Qriocity shown an infiltration at first, going into their investigation further showed them that the SOE service was compromised as well. If this was the case, then the SOE was compromised for about 2 weeks with information possibly getting leaked before Sony finally stepped in and shut down the servers and began investigating it.

Now lets talk about some news that brought us, link can be found here.

Title of the article, "Sony responds to the US Congress". I like the description IGN used for it when I saw it on their Facebook page, "It took Sony 6 days to respond to its customers, for Congress, it took 4". The House of Representatives (if you are outside of the US and dont know who or what this is, don't worry, I live here and even I don't know) asked Sony questions on what caused this and how they are fixing this. Well Sony gives them an the form of an 8 page explanation. Thankfully The Playstation Blog posted a nice summary of the report pointing 4 key principles that Sony are going to do about the attack and the recovery process. They explain that this was a carefully planned, highly sophisticated attack. They also found a file named Anonymous with the words "We are Legion". So it seems this or these hackers are fans of Ghost Rider or possibly Nicholas Cage, so we know that the hackers are comic book nerds.

Either way you look at this, its a crime, possibly the first cyber-crime in this magnitude. I mean keyloggers are one thing, but this, is a company. This has affected millions of customers and employees and I'm sure Homeland security and law enforcement are asking themselves, "Why did this happen? What was the purpose of this attack? Did Bin Laden plan this before the NAVY Seals went in and killed him?" No one knows except the ones who did this and they may celebrate over this, but as I've learned, there is no such thing as the perfect crime and the ones who have done this will face justice and them doing this wasn't a joke, there are always consequences.

Now, let me get out of this serious mood and get back to the funny. Time to get back to work on the videos and I'll update when I find more information to share. Stay Tuned...

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