Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Weekend Adventures

So with DCUO offline during the weekend, no money to re-subscribe to WoW, what was I able to do this weekend? Friday worked pretty much all day, Saturday had a beautiful wedding to go to and then got to see Thor in 3D. Just completely badass and worth the wait. I recommend everyone to see it. Sunday, worked all day and now relaxing. Weekend gets a A-, I blame working too much for the low grade. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the outside since the game is down. There is no time frame again on when the services are back up.

Now I want to mention that Sony has been talking about the PSN being down and the "Welcome back" program but the SOE customers better be getting something fancy too. I we get the 30 days sub credit and the batman mask but I'm wanting maybe a little bit more, like a kitten. A kitten would work. I'll be gettign back to work on videos tomorrow, I promise the Kahndaq video will be done tomorrow and uploaded that night.

have fun friends!

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