Saturday, May 28, 2011

My thoughts on the SOE Live Webcast 5/26/11

The Link above is to soevideos youtube channel that has the entire webcast for those that missed it this past Thursday. So let's jump in. Some of this might have already been covered but hopefully they will go into more detail, let's hope.

Update 3
Two-Face Duo - Clayface seems to be a sub-boss similar to how Penguin Maximus was in the sub-boss in the Two-Face challenge mode.

Ra's Al Ghul - (4 Man Alert) He is coming to cleanse the world of it's corruption and he is bringing ninja's and the Lazarus Pits will be in game as well. the Ninja's are called the Claws of the Demon (neat) . With the ninja's you defeat, you are making a choice on which path to go down during the gameplay. Think of it like a mini game of Mass Effect, every choice has a different outcome so to speak.

Poison Ivy VS Swamp Thing - Spring Seasonal Event, Poison Ivy wants to be the "icon" of green and wants to take Swamp Thing's place as that icon, lame but whatever.

UI Improvement - Might not be in Update 3, they didn't say,they were just talking about in the Q and A so i put it into its own little thing. Resizable Text and Chat window,

Q & A Time - I will be posting the question that was asked and then typing their response in short form cause they talk too much lol.

Q: Will we have the ability to purchase other Mentor Gear?
A: Yes, they will be working on removing that restriction later on.

Q: What about a clock function on the minimap?
A: Sure, their bad for not having it there. They might add a "how long you have been playing" feature to it as well.

Q: Is Stephanie Brown going to be in game.
A: No plans yet.

Q: ETA on Update 3 and Megaserver?
A: Soon as they can on Update 3. Megaserver in a couple of weeks but don't hold your breathe, they have to get approval and such so give them time and we just have to be patient.

Q: New Tier gear?
A: No new teir gear yet, but they will be new GEAR but the teir gear will be explained later in the summer once we see the new raid content.

Q: Will players be able to get iconic symbols and emblems?
A: You already can in game, some of it is sadly licensing and they won't be able to get it unless the higher ups will say so but for now, the answer to get other emblems and such is no.

Not  question but those of you that go to Fan Faire in Vegas will get a nice in-game item, the Sequent it off folks, show it off.

Q: Are they going to fix existing content?
A: Absolutely Yes.

Q: Add leaderbaords. (Not a question but ok)
A: Its a good idea, when will we actually see it is anthor thing, some things come first but its a good idea.

Q: Platform Specific DLCs?
A: No, nice idea though.

Q: Loadouts on gear/style
A: Its something we will definitely like to do.

Q: PVP plans and New Legends Characters?
A: They haven't forgotten about it and they are in the works (...actually, they were really vague about it but hopefully we will see something in the future)

Beta emblem is on the way...just no timeframe. Those that were in the beta will get this emblem.

Q: Arkham Joker
A They say play hard and beat people up even though Jens doesn't know how to unlock which is sad?

Q: New powersets?
A: They are in the works, no timeframe but they are in the works. Electricity, Earth and of course Hard Light (Ring power baby)

Q: Might and Mastery
A: There is still some work needed in order for it to actually come to light.

Q: Why so secretive about release dates.
A: They have a lot of partners they need to be respectful for that own the characters and such. Its a lot of stuff in the background of development so some of it is out of their hands.

Q: Duel?
A: They will look into a Dueling system (yay)

Q: marketplace? Bank and Storage? Deletable items?
A: Things to look into and how to approach it.

Q: Buying tickets for the Vault?
A: They've talked about it and still looking into it.

Q: Secret Identities?
A: It's on the shelf for right now and its a cool idea but other development stuff has to come first.

At the end of the broadcast, they showed a picture of the Fortress of Solitude. Yeah, we all kinda expected it as the next raid content. Well overall it wasn't a bad webcast, they still had some vagueness to a couple of questions but that's because they had their marketing rep there and they are always on top of making sure only CERTAIN things are said.

I hope you all enjoyed this little transcript in short form and I'll see you guys next time

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