Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I haven't been sleeping...much (Update on Videos)

It's been awhile since my last post, I hope you all found the Update 3 and webcast stuff useful. Now let me update you all on what's been going on on my side of the screen.

Podcast - Been working on the format and "script" for the DCUO Source Podcast. We are looking at doing this sucker this weekend and I'm quite excited to say the least. I have some more testing to do but I'm hoping episode 1 goes off with no real issues.

New Series - As I previously said, I have started working on a Feat Hunter series and so far I have found out a couple of things. One, I like doing this and its taking longer than I thought and a lot of pre-planning before going, well anywhere. Two, I have a lot of footage and I haven't even started looking through them yet so I'm quite scared of the workload ahead of me.Three, I like playing Mental, really really fun to say the least. I'm going to take a break from recording for this series soon to get back to other things and focus on some real-life stuff I let slip away.

WoW Video - And you though I forgot about it. These videos that I'm doing for the Boomkin are very long and take a lot of research before I go in and start talking about it. I've already did "The Spec" video and I'm still editing it as well. The next video will be talking about "The Stats and Gear" and then "The Rotation". It's going to be about 3 or 4 20 minute videos so I keep them nice, short and to the point.

EGADS - I haven't touched him in months and I keep looking at my character list and feel he has been neglected...well he has in a way. My videos staring him haven't been well received and they were suppose to be "tutorials" in a way on how to do the Secret Bases and how to do the quests while leveling. I haven't deleted him but until I think of a new direction for him, he is benched for the time being.

Black Ember's How To Videos - Since beginning this new structure, these videos have become well received. I haven't decided yet whether or not to record the actual duos and alerts and discuss the trash pulls and link the boos fights to those videos yet. I'm leaning towards doing that, but I'll have to find the time. The Duos are all done and I'm now waiting for the new Two-Face duo, I am missing a lot of Alerts and some Hard Alerts. I am trying to work out a schedule to get these done but after the Sony Outage, the population has gotten very dire and kinda hard to find a PUG and with my new work schedule, my League sometimes isn't available hence also why I haven't brought any new Raid videos (time to get myself a new job).

Well let me get back to work and start on these videos. The one thing that hinders me on doing these videos is the fact that this game is fun and I want to play it, is it so wrong???

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