Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video Update and New Idea

Done with editing the Kahndaq video, just haven't had the time to put my voice to it but I'm sure I can get to it late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Still no word on when the servers will be up. Thankfully they are at least giving a somewhat nice notification on their Facebook page so I recommend keeping an eye on it so everyone knows when or if the servers are going to be up.

On to something else, I am working with some guys at on coming up with a Podcast for DC Universe Online. It's still in development and we don't have an actual date on when the first episode will be out but I'll keep everyone posted of course. An idea I had since the launch of the game is to have a daily show similar to TotalBiscuit's Azeroth Daily (its a great show) giving updates from some forum topics and such. Sadly, we don't get that kind of response from Devs so I was considering doing a Weekly show. This too is still in the planning stages and since I am a one-man workforce doing these videos and stuff, I am trying to find the time in order to do something like it. For those that actually come to read this stuff, would this be something you, the fans, would like to watch? Just wanting some feedback from the community.

Stay tune for more information. Enjoy your day. Go outside!!!

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