Monday, May 23, 2011

What to expect tomorrow!!!!

When you all wake up in the morning, you will have Gotham University Duo and Gorilla Grodd's Lab Duo How To Boss guides to watch on my youtube channel, . This will complete all the Duos that are in the game so far and I am working on recording the Normal Alerts and the rest of the Hard Alerts. Something that also came to mind is doing a Feat Hunter series. I know there are probably bunches of other people who are doing it, but there is only one Trex and that's me. The Feat Hunter is in the planning stages and so I won't say anymore on that.

My World of Warcraft video will not be up for tomorrow due to me wanting to edit it a bit more. It's 18 minutes of me talking about the Boomkin spec so I want to make sure I edit it so that people aren't bored through it, I'll probably add a kitty or something, people like kitties right? The rest of the WoW video for the Boomkin will be done throughout the week and will have my number 1 priority when it comes to recording, DCUO is taking the back burner a little bit but you have these 2 new Duos to watch.

I hope you all enjoy it!!!

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