Saturday, May 21, 2011

30 Subscribers!!!!

Just as the title suggests, I have just hit 30 subscribers which to some, might be small but to me, its great! I thank each and every one of you for subscribing and showing your support to my channel and the work I do. I am still new but my knowledge in making this videos and finding a structure that fits me is continuing to grow and thanks for sticking by me after all this time. Spread the word, continue watching and as always my friends, enjoy.

Now I must go to sleep and then get back to video stuff Sunday night. Recording has been a bit slow due to the queue times from hell. Now everyone in my league has come back but this was expected because of the Sony Outage. I'm working on some World of Warcraft stuff which will begin soon and then of course the DCUO Source Podcast. Plate is indeed full but I'll make it work. Expect a lot because I'm keeping the pace up..or at least try to.

Night Folks

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