Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Video Format

Hey everyone, like I posted some time ago, I am restructuring my Alert/Hard Alert/Raid Guide Videos to specifically walk you through each boss in their individual videos, they are like 3-4 minute videos. First one I'm working on is Smallville. The original video was about 35 minutes and I think it included a wipe. I had the chance to re-record the alert now that the servers are back on and I got the footage for each Boss. I'm still keeping the original video but now there will be links on the side of the video to go to the specific boss video in case you don't want to watch the entire thing, trust me, I understand.

I'm hoping this new structure will help everyone a bit more though I feel it will put some extra time on me going through footage but hey, I always find the time. Well let me get back to work so I can get the Smallville Boss Guides done with before the night is over. Stay Tune here and on the youtube page, youtube.com/trexlight


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  1. Ok instead of making a new post, I'll just comment on this one. Stupid me forgot to record the Dr. Richards fight in Smallville and no league members were online at 4:30am so the Smallville video will be done first thing when iI can. So because I'm still awake and still want to do something, I recorded the Metropolis City Hall Duo and just finished the voice recording for it. This is, again, a Boss Guide, though we ran the Duo in 11 minutes, I still decided to do the individual boss guides to try it out for Duos. If you guys want to me to record the entire Duo (since they are short anyways) just tell me, I am looking for your feedback. Anyways, I'm encoding the 3 videos and will be uploading to youtube soon and I'll get the annotations on there hopefully whenever I wake up. Stay Tune!