Monday, May 16, 2011

The Megaservers are coming?!?!?!!/notes/dc-universe-online-the-official-game-page/producers-letter-may-16th/10150615186785717

The link above is to DC Universe Online's Facebook. It's a letter from one of the Producers detailing and answering questions that no one important asked.

The idea of Megaservers to fix the population problem across the servers is Sony's solution but will it work? It would be a nice thought. Combining all of the servers into one server is gonna take some time. I think they should have done this during the whole network outing. As the letter states, PVP players and PVE players will be on the same server but those that chose PVP servers and PVE servers will be in different "phases" in Metropolis and Gotham. What does that mean? I'll explain. For those of you that live in your PVP servers, you will be phased into the PVP of Metropolis and Gotham meaning open world PVP in both cities like you are used to and the same goes for PVE, in which we don't have that open PVP unless we flag it ourselves. Together, PVP and PVE players will coexist in one big world. Queuing up for alerts, duos and PVP stuff will be faster so yay. But what about the bad?

There's not much I can say about the bad. I play on Zero Hour PC server and collection farming isn't so bad (damn you respawn timers) but think about if everyone who plays the game on one big server doing farming, thats gonna hurt. I mean I play World of Warcraft and flying around farming herbs is a pain when everyone else is doing it. And I take my collection farming seriously...not seriously. Also getting the Feats to see the Villains and Heroes around the cities might be harder with everyone flying/running/jumping around after them.

Lucky for me, I think on the bright side so the queues being faster, more ppl to play with, an ACTUAL race for server firsts in the raids (even though they don't really exist). It's all good. The people demanded a fix to the population problem and Sony has found and are implemented the fix. Be happy people, they heard you, so quit bitching that the devs don't listen and aren't fixing anything. I don't care for trolling. Enjoy the news friends and get back to the game while I get back to making those videos.

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