Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update 3 Info

Well late night trolling around on the web found me to the DC Universe Online Welcome Back letter from the Producer. In this letter he gives us some high points for what we can expect in Update 3 and with his high points, come my point of view on what we can expect. Let's begin (really, this should be done in a podcast....oh wells, another time)

A New Oolong Island Hard Alert. Many people have been asking for a new HA and I'm one of them too. I think I would have liked a new Hard Alert introduced to the game but instead we get a revamped of a Normal Alert. never ran Oolong Island much, hell I ran it one time, hit 30 and I was gone, never to see it run again. Seems I'm going back into it. Yes I know, I haven't done a video for it, trust me, its on my list. We shall see if this Hard Alert gives us a challenge, so far the hardest Hard Alert is Arkham Asylum, still can't finish it. Just Wow, but enough of my failures, let's continue.

Featured Character: Ra's al Ghul. It seems we are not leaving Gotham City anytime soon, yet another Challenge Mode mission with another Batman villain. We want to leave Gotham now, can we share the love and give Metropolis some of it? Now I don't know if it's a Challenge Mission, I can only guess since it has "rooms that the Devs are having a tough time with". Can I mention having a PTR server right now? No? Ok, maybe later then.

Two-Face Duo. Continuing from the Challenge Mode mission with Two-Face going after the Penguin, we now get another new Duo. It was said that Clayface even shows up in the place which seems villain story heavy, but hey, they need it in my opinion. I would think the villains would be helping the Penguin or something doing, you know...evil things. This story continues and I like it and just becasue apparently love them, there are more robot much joy comes over me that i want to put a shotgun to my big toe and say goodbye.

Poison Ivy VS Swamp Thing. A Gotham City Special Event, ok I'm down. This seems to be the Spring Event so get your lucky charms over to our DC Comics leprechaun and finish up. The last events have been in Metropolis....ok let me rephrase, ALL the events have been in Metropolis so seeing this change of pace is very nice and welcomed, but don't screw it up. Also, people are very excited with seeing Vertigo Comics' Swamp Thing in DC Universe Online, it gives the people a sense that Sony doesn't just have to stay in the realm of DC Comics. Again, I'm not a DC Comics fan, I know the characters, I know some arcs but I only know enough to barely make it.

He makes a notion to the Megaservers again and tells us to pay attention to the forums and join the discussions. Yeah, no thanks, I read a few pages and had to stop sense no one was speaking anything worth repeating and the trolling has been hitting it very hard. They are doing the normal fixes here and there for the update and we will see it all in the Patch Notes so patience is key, don't go flipping out because its not here today or it's not releasing tomorrow, it takes time.

Oh look, they are beginning work on Update 4, nice to keep the pace. Oh, new Hard Alerts you say, well with Oolong Island having a Hard Alert, what the hell is you definition of new??? Oh and one of these Hard Alerts takes place in the Batcave...CAN WE NOT ESCAPE THIS PLACE!?!?!?! Enough with Batman, I'm done, I am, everyone is. I'm almost ready to call it quits seeing information about Dark Knight Rises because i want to be done with Batman and everything Batman. The Bat has been beaten and ran through the mud, his name is no longer good and we need some Metropolis content. Now, his little quirk about the new raid, the Fotress of Solitude, there's some change of pace, there's some new content. Developers, I understand your work is tough, I've done programming, it's long and hard and can get stressful. Take your time but i will give this warning...these players will start to go for blood if they dont get this new raid content, seriously. They smell fear.

The last bit of news I will touch on is we have a new Game Director, Mark Anderson, Art Director for DCUO since launch and has worked on the God of War games. I don't know what happened to Chris Cao, but I hope him the best in whatever he is doing.

Thank you all for reading this, I know it was lengthy and should have been in a podcast type thing but haven't gotten there yet. Oh and before I forget, let me mention this. the Devs playing the game are one thing, they know what they put in it and what to possibly expect since the worked on it. We, the players, need a PTR realm/server. You want true testing of the fights you worked hard on, then give it to us, hear what we say to fix or keep and adjust.We are your players, let us work for you, to give a better experience and fun to a game, we play and love. Thats me guys, have a nice night/day/morning/evening/brunch.

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